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Collectors Beware

Autograph collector Rudy Skvorec of New York became suspicious after his grandson purchased a copy of The Third Twin from a local bookfair.

The book came with a bookplate signed “Ken Follett” but when Mr Skvorec compared the signature to the other signed books in his collection, he noticed that the signatures were not the same.

Mr Skvorec mailed the offending bookplate to me to see if it was genuine. Unfortunately, I had to confirm to him that it was not.

He managed to track down the book dealer who offered to take the book back and refund Mr Skvorec his money. But Mr Skvorec declined as he was pretty sure that the book dealer would sell it on to another unsuspecting fan or collector.

So, if you like to collect books signed by me, or any of your other favourite authors, be very careful as there are some unscrupulous characters out there who will not hesitate in selling you a forgery…