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Quiz: Working titles and famous first lines

Test your knowledge of my work with these two quizzes. Guess the working title, and match the list of first lines to the books they came from. The answers are at the bottom of the page. No prizes, I’m afraid… this is just for fun.

Working titles

  Working title   Published title
A Storm Island 1 Whiteout
B The Yellowcake Pirates 2 Eye of the Needle
C The Lies of Alam Halfa 3 The Pillars of the Earth
D The Russian Prince 4 Hornet Flight
E The Bull and the Peacock 5 Triple
F Five Tigers 6 The Hammer of Eden
G Vaulting 7 The Key to Rebecca
H Out of the Mouth of the Dragon 8 Lie Down with Lions
I Night Watch 9 The Man from St Petersburg
J Snowfall 10 On Wings of Eagles

Famous first lines

  First line   Title
A The last camel collapsed at noon. 1 Eye of the Needle
B The small boys came early to the hanging. 2 Triple
C It was the most romantic plane ever made. 3 The Key to Rebecca
D A heat wave lay over Baltimore like a shroud. 4 The Man from St. Petersburg
E I did a lot of gardening when I first moved into High Glen House, and that’s how I found the iron collar. 5 On Wings of Eagles
F A man with a wooden leg walked along a hospital corridor. 6 Lie Down with Lions
G Antonia Gallo was unpopular. 7 The Pillars of the Earth
H On the day of the tragedy, the boys of Windfield School had been confined to their rooms. 8 Night over Water
I The men who wanted to kill Ahmet Yilmaz were serious people. 9 A Dangerous Fortune
J It was the coldest winter for forty-five years. 10 A Place Called Freedom
K There was a time, just once, when they were all together. 11 The Third Twin
L It was a slow Sunday afternoon, the kind Walden loved. 12 The Hammer of Eden
M When he lies down to sleep, this landscape is always on his mind. 13 Code to Zero
N He woke up scared. Worse than that: he was terrified. 14 Jackdaws
O One minute before the explosion, the square at Sainte-Cécile was at peace. 15

Hornet Flight

P It all started on December 5, 1978. 16 Whiteout
Q On the day King George V was crowned at Westminster Abbey in London, Billy Williams went down the pit in Aberowen, South Wales. 17 World Without End
R Gwenda was eight years old, but she was not afraid of the dark. 18 Fall of Giants
S Ned Willard came home to Kingsbridge in a snowstorm. 19 Winter of the World
T Rebecca Hoffmann was summoned by the secret police on a rainy Monday in 1961. 20

Edge of Eternity

U Carla knew her parents were about to have a row. 21 A Column of Fire














Answers to ‘Working titles’:
A2, B5, C7, D9, E10, F8, G3, H6, I4, J1

Answers to ‘Famous first lines’:
A3, B7, C8, D11, E9, G16, H9, I6, J1, K2, L4, M12, N13, 014, P5, Q18, R17, S21, T19, U19

Well done!