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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Randell Bumgardner
On: Thursday 1 August, 2019

Absolutely riveted by the Kingsbridge Series. Thank you for the experience.
United States

From: Linda Johannessen
On: Monday 5 August, 2019

Dear Mr. Follett.

I am so pleased to have just discovered your website.

I have read ‘The Pillars of The Earth’ four times; ‘World Without End’ and ‘A Column of Fire’ twice.

While reading these books I became very attached to Tom Builder. Such a strong character he was almost life-like.

I gifted ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ to a close friend for Christmas and often discuss the content. He is now reading ‘World Without End’.

Thank you so much for your imagination and for bringing a character such as Tom Builder into my life.

Kind regards

From: Jorge Hernandez
On: Tuesday 6 August, 2019

Hi Ken, I am Jorge Hernández, from Colombia, first of all I want to thank you for all those magnificent novels and incredible stories you have written for us, your fans. I want to tell you how shocking has ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ been for me, the first time I read it was at school, by then, I was not aware of the brilliant stories you were telling through the 806 pages because of my early years, but the second time I read it, I automatically understood the meaning of every single character and the way they shaped my life.

I was studying law when I decided to read your book again, and when I finished reading it, it was like if a whole new person was in me. The suffering, pleasures, happiness, joy and sadness, every feeling the characters went through taught me how to face my personal life. Since then, I have been thinking about having something with me that reminds me of your book, The Pillars of the Earth and I got to the conclusion that I want to get my first tattoo and I want it to be a cathedral, just like you said in the book 'a cathedral isn't the rock or the statues, not even a place to pray, it's a continuous creation, a beautiful masterpiece...'.

That is the reason why I wanted to write to you and have a perception about the cathedral I want to have embodied on my skin.

Thank you, Mr. Follett.



From: Jules Scott
On: Friday 9 August, 2019

Hello Mr. Follett.

I've never been so moved to reach out to see if it was possible to thank someone like an author for what I've read of their work. But I'm simply moved beyond words and I was happy to find the link on your website to share my thoughts with you. I’m 37 years old and have always struggled with reading. I’m relatively certain that if I were in school now instead of the 80s and 90s that I would have been diagnosed at an early age with dyslexia and A.D.D. But I am reading 'Edge of Eternity' at the moment and have read maybe 5 other books of yours. Your description when Dave said 'something was wrong with me but we didn't know what it was' after his son John Lee was diagnosed with dyslexia.

I grew up seeing letters as shapes, little figures bouncing their way along pages, bumping into one another and sliding off the pages. I would sit down and try to read assignments but I never could get my mind to focus on the meaning instead of the shapes and I could look at every letter on every page for ten pages, thinking I was reading but I could not remember anything and then would have to start over again at the beginning. In 2017, my life changed tremendously after I downloaded the app for listening to audio books from my local public library. That year alone, I read 82 books. Some people say I didn't 'read' them but I did. I like to say that I just read them with my ears. I love literature fiercely now and feel like I was robbed of so much knowledge and understanding because I was not able to read like most other people. I want to thank you for the beautiful books but this one in particular has moved me.

The characters you created and the true historical events you have linked them to in this book have taught me more about history than I’ve learned in my 37 years on this planet this far. I can’t begin to explain my gratitude and the closeness I feel with your charming characters. They are each so interesting and brutally human in their imperfections. Your work is true art and I am so glad that you’ve made it possible for your readers to reach out and tell you how very much you have changed our lives. That is exactly what this book has done for me. And please thank your narrator John Lee on my behalf for allowing me and others like me to enjoy your artwork with our ears. I’m curious if the son in the book is named after your narrator or if it is coincidence.

With sincerest gratitude
United States

From: Peter Vanderheyden
On: Sunday 11 August, 2019

Hello Ken
Today I finished reading 'Fall of Giants'.
This was my fourth Ken Follett novel.
I am fascinated with the level of detail that goes into your work.
I have never been much of a 'reader'. but your books have opened a door in my mind and I thank you for that.
You are a brilliant man.

From: Cynthia Sneed
On: Monday 12 August, 2019

I started reading your books when I was in 5th n 6th grade. Thank God my daddy took me to the library every Saturday.
I wanted to thank you for a lifetime of enjoyment, knowledge and tell you how much I appreciate your sharing your brilliant and unique voice with the people.
We are truly blessed. Oddly, now that we have audio books I read the book then listen to the audio book. I have to purchased the book twice but you do not charge anywhere near enough for your work.
The value is priceless.
Many blessings

United States

From: Albert W. Strickland
On: Tuesday 13 August, 2019

I am a retired professor and I write novels and children's books (even though my Ph.D is in math and physics). Your inspires me, when I want quit your words keep me going.

United States

From: John Rector
On: Tuesday 13 August, 2019

Thanks for all of the great books. I have read almost all of your works. I am currently in the Century Trilogy having just finished the Kingsbridge Series. It is amazing that organized religion survived.

United States

From: Neha Alam
On: Tuesday 13 August, 2019

When I was 13 years old I started reading Shakespeare. My first play was Julius Ceasar and I completely fell in love with Mark Anthony. He was and still is my first love.
Now at 32 I’ve fallen in love with three people - Jack from 'The Pillars of the Earth', Merthin from 'World Without End' and so, so much more in love with Ned Willard from 'A Column of Fire'. Oh god!
Thank you so much for the Kingsbridge series.


From: Nata Chernovolova
On: Wednesday 14 August, 2019

Mr Follett, thank you very much for your book 'Fall of Giants'. Particularly, the part about Russia and Russians. I found it as deep and unstereotyped as possible. Thank you very much for that. I've made massive work on my master thesis ('The image of Russia in the British newspaper 'The Times'), but with this book, you expanded my view more, than nine thousand articles of the period. I understand that's fiction, but quite a quality one, as for my opinion, and one more time thank you very much!


From: Elli Iivanainen
On: Saturday 17 August, 2019

Hi! It is an honor to be writing to you.

I'm an eighteen-year-old girl from the land of the midnight sun, Finland. Reading your books has been a true family effort! My mother reads ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ at least once a year and has been doing so since she was a teenager. And my grandmother thinks very fondly of your thrillers. So naturally I have been raised to love everything Ken Follett related! And so I've done.

The way you write colorful characters, whose actions are truly humane and not always for the greater good has made an impact on the way I see myself and the people around me. Aliena is and always will be a true rolemodel to me and my mother.

What I'm most thankful about is the bond you have been able to create between my mom and I. You have no idea how much the love of reading historical fiction has changed the way we work as a duo. It's no secret that you are our favourite author.

I read The Pillars of the Earth when I was quite young, some may even say too young. But I have always felt that my childhood needed the loss, sorrow and success in the stories you have written so that I could understand the bad things in my life at that time.

My childhood wasn't a great one, but mostly because of you my mother knew how to distract me. She put a book in my hands. Without that action I might not be here today.

So for my mothers 40th birthday my dad has decided to get her something that relates back to you and your magical way of making every day a bit more special. Even the bad things and hurt characters in your books have the power of saving a bad afternoon.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you good health and strength because that's what you've given us. You may not know us but you have given us the hope and love that we needed in the darkest of times. No one can ever take that away from us.


From: Timothy Weatherall
On: Monday 19 August, 2019

Mr. Follett
I read 'The Pillars of the Earth' over 5 days on vacation in Jamaica -- I loved it and thank you for writing it.

United States

From: Danielle Wolter
On: Tuesday 20 August, 2019

Hello! I admire your books so much, and actually, I can say that 99% of the books I read are yours. I especially love the historical novels from before the 20th century, but I absolutely loved the Century trilogy. I read all the books that have been translated to Hebrew, and this weekend I’m starting my first in English - ‘The Man from St Petersburg’. I really enjoy reading the long novels - 800 pages and more, that way I feel I really connected to the story and the characters. I really admire you, and would love if you will come to Israel soon, so I can see the man that changed my life with his stories. I'm looking for your next novel, and when I read the subject of that novel, I actually gasped out loud. I wish I could read it today, but I'll wait. If you want to know little bit more about your readers, I am a special education kindergarten teacher, that waits for every weekend to sit on my couch and read your books the whole weekend. That the most fun for me, to say the least. Thank you so much and I really can't wait for the next Kingsbridge novel.


From: Jayson Dalpe
On: Friday 23 August, 2019

Just taking the time to say how much I appreciate your stories. Always full of emotion!
'A Column of Fire' on TV series would be awesome!


From: Sarra Lane
On: Sunday 25 August, 2019

Dear Ken, I have just spent the last 4 weeks of the summer holiday completely captivated and enthralled by the third Kingsbridge novel - 'A Column of Fire'. I adored the first two immensely, but this novel was absolutely brilliant and I am completely in awe of how cleverly you weave fact with fiction. I felt I knew Ned Willard and the women in his life so well.

As an English teacher and writer, myself, I can only hope that one day your novels become part of the A Level Literature curriculum as in my opinion, each one is worthy of a place in the canon. Your novels are historically accurate and crafted in such a way that one almost subliminally learns the contextual facts. I admire the way you enable the reader to make links back to characters from previous novels in the trilogies.
I cannot thank you enough for producing your work of such supreme quality and I am often heard eulogising about a particular novel. Thank you Ken and please do not stop working! I look forward to reading many more.

United Kingdom

From: Anna Dyste
On: Tuesday 27 August, 2019

I've been reading your novels for many years now, and recently stumbled across 'A Place Called Freedom' at the library. Your novels (especially the historical ones) are completely engrossing, and make for the best kind of reading experiences. Thank you!

United States

From: Lynne Lyne
On: Saturday 31 August, 2019

Absolutely love your books - thank you for writing them !


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