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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Sharlot Sunshine
On: Saturday 2 February, 2019

I just finished 'Fall of Giants'. My hands ache from holding the heavy book, but my mind is astounded by your brilliance in regard to presenting each historical side's viewpoint. Thank you.
About me? As a child, I was discouraged from speaking; girls were just to look pretty and get married. I admire the eloquence of your female characters and wish I'd had some of that.


From: Cathy Blowers
On: Saturday 2 February, 2019

I listened to audiobooks of both of your trilogies. I have never been interested in history, but your books made it fascinating and thought provoking. I have to say that I'm really glad I didn't live during the time of the Knightsbridge series. I never really understood how harsh life was back then. Thanks for entertaining me and educating me. I thoroughly enjoyed your books. I hope you write more like those.

United States

From: Erin Collins
On: Sunday 3 February, 2019

Just finished 'Eye of the Needle' - your description of Storm Island is fantastic - biologically correct, and beautifully described, with 'impotent rage,' 'pleasant reception,' 'handouts,' 'brave stand of conifers,' 'unwelcome gifts,' 'foam-flecked rage,' 'backs ready-bent for the flogging.' I had to stop and read those passages aloud to my family! Beautiful!
When I am touched by an author's writing, I like to let him know.

United States

From: Micaela Gimenez and Etienne Raviletz
On: Tuesday 5 February, 2019

Dear Mr. Follett,
My fiancé and I are about to get married, and wanted to sincerely thank you for your writing being the first topic we connected on. Our passion for your books filled our hearts, and we would be eternally grateful if you could bless our union.

Thank you kindly,
Micaela and Etienne

From: Charles Gembes
On: Thursday 7 February, 2019

'The Third Twin'
Just finished reading it.
Have read many of your works.
I'm always fascinated by how good you are at defining and articulating human psychology.
Good authors are are actually masters of the art of LIFE.
Best line of the book
Berrington didnt' create me, and you didn't create me. I did.

Cheers Ken

From: Thomas Bitschnau
On: Thursday 7 February, 2019

Dear Sir, you are a great writer. I think I've read all your books and I do hope there will be some others soon.
Kind regards


From: Doris Deutsch
On: Thursday 7 February, 2019

Since reading 'A Column of Fire' and then on to more and more, you have become my favorite author. A remarkable thing happens when reading, I feel I am in the room or whatever place and if they turned around I would be seen. Your writing puts me in the action. Whew! It's exhausting! But really, love your writing.

United States

From: Michelle Paulson
On: Saturday 9 February, 2019

Dear Mr. Follett,
Your books have gotten me through years of lonely and painful days recovering from nearly 10 years of surgeries and painful procedures from a car accident. Whether it was 20 minutes or 2 hours, Your novels helped me escape a world I was struggling to survive in mentally and physically. At times your books were my pain medicine, imagine that. I will be forever grateful, thank you. 'The Pillars of the Earth' was my first and probably favorite though it is hard to compare to your others because each takes on a life of its own and I love each differently.

I rarely read the same book twice but yours are the exception. I've been to London and Scotland so I really appreciate the dedication to intricate details especially cathedral designs and weather!

I have had to space your books out so I have something new to look forward to. Kind of like a secret box of chocolate you hide and treat yourself to carefully so they last longer.

Hint to your readers, never loan your hardcovers to a friend, just buy them a softcover or you will never get your own book back! Lesson learned.

United States

From: Craig McAnulty
On: Monday 11 February, 2019

Your work is inspirational, and a guide for great prose. The detail in your work transports me into the world you have created. Tone, voice, plot, characters: brilliant. Thank you.

United Kingdom

From: Blair Garrett
On: Sunday 17 February, 2019

Love your books. I have read every one and can't wait for your next work. Wish you wrote more.


From: Sean Wiltshire
On: Monday 18 February, 2019

Hi there, I read through the Kingsbridge series over the holidays and just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed them greatly.

After finishing 'A Column of Fire', I googled the area inspiring the books and realized that maybe a real world Jack or Merthin might have been some of my ancestors, the family lore is that we are descended from a count or viscount whose family chose an unfavourable side in some religious conflict and lost prominence... I found it kind of wonderful to think about and look forward to reading your other novels.

Thank you very much from here in Montreal.


From: Len Vedeen
On: Tuesday 19 February, 2019

I have read four of your books so far. I'm currently reading 'Night over Water'. I just want to tell you how enjoyable they are to read. My favorite so far is 'Jackdaws'. I wish a movie would be made of it. It was sensational.

United States

From: Scott Luecal
On: Wednesday 20 February, 2019

I have logged a few million air miles over the last 30 years, most of which included one of your novels to read or re-read. Of the authors I read, you have been consistently the best over these three decades.

United States

From: Chance Linz
On: Saturday 23 February, 2019

I just finished 'The Pillars of the Earth' and I am compelled to write to an author for the first time in my life. I don't know what to say other than thank you for that wonderful story. Out of all the literature I've consumed, 'Pillars' rose to be my favorite (beating out heavy-hitters like 'The Count of Monte Cristo' and 'One Hundred Years of Solitude', no less).

Thank you for giving me characters like Jack, Aliena, Prior Philip, Tom Builder and even William Hamleigh.

I'll remember them forever.

United States

From: Owen Cooper
On: Saturday 23 February, 2019

Hi Ken
I just wanted to say, that I have only just read my first book written by you, ‘Fall of Giants' I received the book third hand via my wife, otherwise the likelihood of me ever reading one of your novels I suspect would be slim. I must say, I absolutely loved this book. I love 20th century history, so the novel was right up my street. I am very much looking forward to reading the next in the trilogy.

I feel blessed that I have finally met you. I also live in Hertfordshire.

United Kingdom

From: Sophia Chattwal
On: Monday 25 February, 2019

I am from India, read 'Pillars' and all sequels many times over the years. In fact I am in love with all of them. Was going to start 'Pillars' once again and just thought of thanking you.


From: Roberta Walton
On: Thursday 28 February, 2019

I have recently finished reading 'Jackdaws'. This is the best book I have ever read! ( there are many!) I could only describe it to a friend I was recommending it to that while reading it it was like watching a film in my head. I held my breath at the end of every page! Marvellous! Thank you!

United Kingdom


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