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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Sacha Godano
On: Thursday 1 March, 2018

Hi Ken, I am Sacha from Roma, Italy. Just a quick note to tell how much I have enjoyed reading ‘A Column of Fire’, in English of course as I am trying to improve your language. Thanks for writing such beautiful books. Please continue forever.... :)

From: Linda Bourgeois
On: Friday 2 March, 2018

I just finished reading The Century Trilogy and the Kingsbridge series. Thank you for your excellent ability to provide me a greater understanding of how our world has manifested. I could go on and on explaining how grateful I am to have access to your writing. I have always wanted to understand the wars of the past, why they occurred, how each culture was affected, etc. After reading your books, I feel I have a much greater understanding.
Once again, thank you for helping me understand a very important part of world history. I wish your books were a great part of the curriculum for American high school students. I truly believe they would have a much greater grasp on world history, especially World War II. Praise to you, Mr. Follett. I am amazed at your knowledge and your ability to share that knowledge.

United States

From: Kathryn Haueisen
On: Sunday 4 March, 2018

I cannot honestly claim to have read everything you've written, but I've read many of your books. I'm currently wrapping up ‘A Column of Fire’, which I find absolutely fascinating. I was privileged to be in Germany on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. I descend from the Separatists who left England for Holland and then crossed over on the Mayflower. I am a Lutheran pastor (retired). All these factors have converged to motivate me to write a historical novel about the impact of the Mayflower on both the Pilgrims and the Native Americans who quite literally saved their lives. ‘A Column of Fire’ has provided me most helpful insights into life in Europe in the first decades following the Reformation. So, thank you for that. I hope you will write many more books before you retire.

United States

From: Michael Whitman
On: Monday 5 March, 2018

I have read every one of your books and have introduced them to my adult kids to show them that history is not boring. I enjoyed ‘A Column of Fire’ because that period of history has a particular interest to me. My great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather was Edward Wightman who was burned at the stake in Litchfield on 11 April 1612 under a death warrent signed by King James. He was the last person burned at the stake in England. Thank you for many years of great reading!

United States

From: Giuseppe Grappa
On: Tuesday 6 March, 2018

Dear Ken, I really appreciate your 'writing advice' and The Art of Suspense' video, I would like to read or watch more often something like these.
Thank you.


From: Simon Birchenough
On: Tuesday 6 March, 2018

My family were persecuted Huguenots who came over from France in the 17th century. I was educated at Douai Abbey by Benedictines, my v Catholic mother married a divorced Anglican & was deemed to be living in sin by our unyielding local priest, and I live in Salisbury... so your Kingsbridge trilogy has not just chimed, but positively rung very loudly with me! I gave up History at 12, but you have rekindled my interest - thank you so much! Would give a king's ransom to meet you in a pub! ‘Fall of Giants’ & ‘Winter of the World’ were also excellent & John Lee is brilliant!

Pls keep them coming!
United Kingdom

From: Thierry Scharschmidt
On: Friday 9 March, 2018

Dear Mr Follett, I have just finished reading 'Code to Zero'. I loved it. It is excellent and brilliantly crafted. Thank you for this outstanding novel and congratulations.

Best regards,

From: Mitchell Rappazzo
On: Saturday 10 March, 2018

Thanks so much for ‘A Column of Fire’. All I can say is WOW!

United States

From: Jan Parker
On: Sunday 11 March, 2018

Thanks for writing so many wonderful books. I have enjoyed every one that I read and I have read all but 2. I am also a musician so I love that you are!

United States

From: Bonnie Todd
On: Wednesday 14 March, 2018

I have loved your books since I first read 'Eye of the Needle'.

United States

From: Rick Eubanks
On: Thursday 15 March, 2018

Sir, please know that I read ‘Pillars’ during an '06 deployment to Iraq and it became my all time favorite book. I've since introduced your Kingsbridge series to my subordinates and it's been a huge hit. Thank you for sharing your stories.

TSgt Rick Eubanks, USAF
United States

From: Eugene Reilly
On: Saturday 17 March, 2018

I just finished 'Third Twin' my last of your novels; my first of yours was 'Eye of The Needle' which still makes me wonder how you write so well. Honestly I don't care as long as you continue writing I will keep reading. Jeannie and Steve are my favorite characters at the moment. Your character development is superb but I am gilding the lily, but you deserve it.

United States

From: M K Smallman
On: Tuesday 27 March, 2018

Bravo Mr. Follett. ‘A Column of Fire’ is absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for providing me with many hours of entertainment. Time to start a page one again for a re-read...


From: Laura Corrier
On: Wednesday 28 March, 2018

Fave book and series is ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ -- just watched the 'making of' part on DVD. Wonderful and, as always, thank you! Just loaned ‘Eye of the Needle’ to friend and she raved!

United States

From: William Clarkson
On: Thursday 29 March, 2018

Wow! I've just finished the whole Century Trilogy on audiobook. I'm sorry I've waited so long to listen to it. That's 5 books of yours in a row, of about 120 hours. Going off to look for more. Thank you so much.


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