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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…


From: Jan Nicol-Mitchell
On: Monday 1 February, 2016

I have had a copy of ‘Edge of Eternity’for over six months now but have not started reading it. My reason for doing so may seem strange, but since I have read every other book you have written, I knew that if I read this book I would have no further titles to look forward to. Today I went onto your website and discovered that you have another book due for release in 2017 (early 2017, I hope). I can now begin ready ‘Edge of Eternity’, which I have been anticipating. Thank you for being such an amazing writer! I notice that you ask which is my favourite novel. How can I possible choose -- it would be like choosing which is my favourite child! Each one of your novels is special in its own way -- the novels set during WWII, the spy stories, the historical novels -- be it characters, background, history, plot. I will make my three choices but there are far more than three favourites! I just wish you could write as fast as I can read so that I always had another of your books to anticipate as I finish one. I look forward to beginning ‘Edge of Eternity’ this afternoon and finding out what has happened the different families. I do not think I will accomplish much in the next few days until I finish it. Looking forward to 2017.


From: Kathy Southwick
On: Thursday 4 February, 2016

I have read every book you have written and just finished The Century Trilogy .
Hat tip to you sir!
I loved the three books and all the characters. In ‘World Without End’ your female lead character was too perfect, perfect to the point of not being as likeable as I wanted her to be.
In the Century books, the characters were so real and so dimensional, loved them!
Thank you for writing books, please never stop!

United States

From: Kris Kahn
On: Sunday 7 February, 2016

Mr. Follett,

I'll be brief.

Other works of historical fiction have been ruined for me due to ‘Pillars’.

Other methods of storytelling are sour now. They were once sweet.

I inhaled 'Pillars' in three days. A vacation in sunny Florida at 17 to see my grandmother wound up an obsession with printed page.

She grew a little worried about me but was ultimately thrilled to see me out of my element.

She passed away a year later and I regret never thanking her for owning your work. I don't want to make that mistake again.

From a hobbyist writer, thank you Mr. Follett. Thank you so much.

United States

From: Juan Calvo
On: Monday 8 February, 2016

My favorite writer. Thank you for all you have done to literature. I am a Costarican writer and have been into your examples in the Masterclass section with lots of interest. Really helpful. Thanks.

United States

From: Doug Kinney
On: Saturday 13 February, 2016

Just finished 'Hornet Flight'. Fell off the edge of my seat, toward the end. Extraordinary detail, along with good writing. Tks.

United States

From: Jacques Samy
On: Saturday 13 February, 2016

I am aware you are writing another novel but unsure as to when you might finish it, I have read and immensely enjoyed all your books and I wish you tremendous longevity so you can write many more. I am being totally selfish of course.

United Kingdom

From: Ndeye Fatou Diop
On: Saturday 20 February, 2016

I just want to tell you that I have read about four of your books and I find you just amazing. I cannot even read other books now because I find them just not good enough.
Thanks a lot for bringing that much pleasure to people.


From: Eric Vermeeren
On: Tuesday 23 February, 2016

Thank you for your wonderful books, read them all and hope many more to come.


From: Ann Foley
On: Saturday 27 February, 2016

I've just read your Century trilogy felt I had to tell you it was absolutely amazing I'm not a lover of politics so was dubious of starting it but from the first page I was hooked they blew me away I didn't want to finish it, also read your Middle Ages books unusual genre for me but fascinated by them they were fabulous thank you.

United Kingdom


I look forward to your letters. Please write to me via the Contact page, and do see earlier letters

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