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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Greta Picklesimer
Sent: Monday 1 December, 2014

Dear Mr. Follett:
I just finished reading ‘A Dangerous Fortune’ and loved every page. You truly are a master storyteller.

I wish your books were a lot shorter, but understand the amount of physical space needed to tell a good tale. Alas and oh well.

Overall just wanted to say good job on a beautiful, engaging story and look forward to reading more of your works.

Thank you for mastering your craft and being a writer that I can trust (as in very believable, well researched fiction).

United States

From: Jay Menario
Sent: Monday 1 December, 2014

Mr. Follett, the first book I read of yours was ‘Triple’, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Pillars of the Earth is the best novel I have ever read, by far. Thank you.

United States

From: Karen Johnson
Sent: Monday 1 December, 2014

Dear Mr. Follett,
I just wanted to thank you for writing another fabulously good book! I have so enjoyed the Century Trilogy.
You make the world a better place with your stories – what a gift!

United States

From: Caroline Landreville
Sent: Thursday 4 December, 2014

Hi Ken Follett
I’m truly sad when I have just finished a novel of yours; I feel like I’ve lost a best friend somehow! And ‘Edge of Eternity’ was no exception, I thought it was a brilliant masterpiece, beautifully crafted and extremely effective, historically on point and endlessly entertaining. Luckily for me I’m bilingual, so I read all your books twice, in English and then in French. Please write a sequel to your Century trilogy. The ending was perfect but I need more! I also adored Pillars, and even more so, if possible, World Without End, which I have read 3 times, I’m ridiculous. You’re a brilliant author, I truly am a big fan of your work. Thank you for the happiness you bring to readers all over the world xxx


From: Chris Antram
Sent: Thursday 4 December, 2014

Someone at work gave me a well thumbed copy of ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ and said I’d enjoy it. It sat on a shelf at home gathering dust until a few weeks ago when I thought I’d give it a go. I’d never read anything like this before, about medieval England, about church builders, kings and queens, and to be honest I was only going to read a bit so that I could tell my colleague that I’d at least tried it, but it just wasn’t for me! Well, how wrong could I have been? From the first page of the prologue I was unable to stop reading. My daily commute from Sussex to London suddenly took on a new meaning, and I was hooked. Sadly I’ve only about 70 pages left, and I’m dreading reading that final page, and having to say goodbye to the characters who I’ve been so intimately acquainted with over the last 4 weeks. I already have a copy of ‘World Without End’, which should ease my sense of loss, but knowing that Aliena, Jack, Philip etc will have been dead for 200 years is going to take some getting used to. This is without doubt the best book I have ever read! Ever! This is the first book of yours I have read, but am now a complete fan – thank you.

United Kingdom

From: Wilhelmina Wosinska
Sent: Thursday 4 December, 2014

Dear Mr. Follett,

Thank you for the wonderful history lesson! Your trilogy sounds like music to me. I recommended it to all my friends as a 20th century symphony.

Special thanks for portraying women as smart and strong while still sexy.

With respect and admiration,

United States

From: Lars Hillesheim
Sent: Monday 15 December, 2014

Dear Mr. Follett,

I would like to express my appreciation of your latest book ‘Edge of Eternity’.

I am a 41-old East Berliner, and when the wall came down I was 16 and in the middle of all. I participated the demonstration on the Alexanderplatz on November 4th and I was there too, when the people went through the gates of the wall.

I am now living with my German wife and son in America and for many reasons your book tells much of my story as well.

The reason I am writing is that I was so astonished about the accuracy of the details in your book. Everything in regards to East Berlin, the life before the fall of the wall, the oppression by the communist regime up to the tiniest details about cars, clothing and food is correct. I can tell — I was there and a conscious part of it. I have never read any account of those years that is so vivid and true.

Thanks for that. I bet thousands of East Germans who have read the book will tell you the same, not counting the old communists, who still live in the past. A little example for that: a distant cousin whose dad was a functionary in the regime wrote on her facebook wall just one day before the 25th anniversary of the Fall in regards to a strike by the union of public transport: “When the wall was still there, at least the trains where still running”. I answered her: “Well, dear cousin, if it where for you, the trains would rather be running backwards.”

It is unbelievable, that some people can not let go of those horrible times. They do even remember them in fondness.

Your book is a big step in telling the truth in the finest details I have ever read so far.

Again my deepest thanks for that.

I wish you nice holidays and much more years of superb writing.

United States

From: Hilary Morfitt
Sent: Tuesday 16 December, 2014

Dear Ken, I have just listened to ‘Edge of Eternity’. I have lived the whole trilogy and wanted to let you know that I feel a bit bereft. John Lee read it extremely well, too! Thank you so much for bringing me such joy and entertainment with your amazing storytelling!

United Kingdom

From: Katiene Rinaldi
Sent: Monday 22 December, 2014

I just finished reading the Century trilogy and I truly have no words to describe my feelings during the reading! I loved every character, even the “bad ones”. The books are amazing and it’s impossible not to travel back in time, not to imagine every character. It’s impossible not to drink your words. Thanks for this marvellous reading. I do miss reading the Century while going to work, cause never this little travel was so wonderful and short!

Your fan from Brasil,

From: Sharon Tirpak
Sent: Wednesday 24 December, 2014

I have just finished reading ‘Edge of Eternity’. I greatly enjoy reading historical fiction and want to thank you for writing this trilogy. Although I am a life long reader, I have never before written to an author. Your ability to write these complicated and factual books is amazing to me. I feel as if I have lived with each of the families in your books, experiencing their sorrows, joys and the emotions of social change. I am now going to go back to ‘Fall of Giants’ and read the trilogy again so that I can absorb additional information and gain an even greater understanding of this amazing time in the history of the world. Again, thank you for using your talents and knowledge to write this wonderful series.

United States

From: Jan Nystrom
Sent: Sunday 28 December, 2014

Dear Mr. Follett,
I just finished reading ‘Edge of Eternity’ and simply want to thank you for a superb book.
I’ve actually read ALL your books, and this one truly strikes home.
My wife grew up in the South during the 50s and 60s, I grew up in Sweden during the same period – neighbor to the Soviets.
Thank you for a spell-binding book!

United States

From: Louisa Ellum
Sent: Monday 29 December, 2014

Thank you Ken for the Century trilogy. I finished ‘Edge of Eternity’ five minutes ago… I put off finishing it over the last few days as I did not want it to end. I devoured the history, the families and the politics and have not been so engrossed in a set of novels ever. Thank you! So what is next?


I look forward to your letters. Please write to me via the Contact page, and do see earlier letters

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