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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Patrick Vincent
Sent: Saturday 3 May, 2014

Great works… Once I discovered your writing I had to read all of them… Take care

United States

From: Patty O’Brien
Sent: Thursday 8 May, 2014

I really enjoy reading your work. I’ve just started ‘Fall of Giants’ (I know it’s not the latest. So many books, so little time.)

United States

From: Ad van Bever
Sent: Thursday 8 May, 2014

Dear Mr. Follett,
I am a lucky guy! I bought ‘Fall of Giants’ right after publication, but I did not find the time to read it then. I have started reading some weeks ago and it happens to be an excellent timing on my part. I almost finished the book and I am thrilled by it. Next week I will continue with ‘Winter of the World’. And by the time I have finished it I can start on the final volume! Thank you for a rich tapestry of characters, rich in depth and thorough in research.


From: Yvonne Ferrier
Sent: Sunday 11 May, 2014

I’ve loved every book I have read so far. They teach me so much about history and make me want to learn more.

United Kingdom

From: Rebecca Kerr
Sent: Saturday 17 May, 2014

I am deep into ‘Winter of the World’ and I just want to thank you for writing it. I love historical fiction, but usually more in the lines of antiquity rather than the 20th century.

I am from America and have hosted students from Europe for many reasons but most particularly to learn more about Europe and the difference between our two cultures. Your books have brought so much to life of what these students, their parents and grandparents, and even what my own grandfather (an immigrant from Germany in 1920) had told me about WWI and II.

I love your characters and the believable story lines. It is so easy to read and follow. I am greatly anticipating the release of the third book in September.

United States

From: Ana Galrinho
Sent: Sunday 18 May, 2014

Dear Sir, I started reading your novels with ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ and then continued to ‘World Without End’. I am currently reading the first volume of the Century Trilogy. I am really enjoying it. I am sending you this message just to thank for your work and for the moments of great pleasure while reading your historic novels.

Kind regards

From: Jerry Hartman
Sent: Tuesday 20 May, 2014

I have read almost all of your books and enjoy them very much. I have already prepaid for the third of the trilogy and am waiting for September. I really liked ‘Night over Water’, ‘Jackdaws’, ‘Hornet Flight’, ‘On wings of Eagles’ and ‘Eye of the Needle" Keep writing please.

United States

From: Kathy Bratcher
Sent: Wednesday 21 May, 2014

In 8th grade I was reading at university level. To say the least I have read many books. Yours are the absolute best books I have ever read. It’s in the details. Authors have a tendency to write “fluff” books. You put the reader into the environment in which you write. It’s how books are supposed to be written. Take the person reading into another world, out of their own, you do this masterfully.

Thank you for the many new worlds.
United States

From: Florian Kunkel
Sent: Wednesday 21 May, 2014

Dear Mr. Follett,
You wouldn’t believe how many pleasure I had with your books. I read all of them at least one time, some even three times. I just want to say honestly two words to you: “Thank you”.

You are the greatest writer in the world. I look forward to the next book from the trilogy. Please — never stop writing. I hope one day I will get the chance to meet you in person.

Best wishes from Germany


From: Jon Harrey
Sent: Thursday 22 May, 2014

Hi Ken,
I’m getting perilously close to ‘three score years’ and have not long discovered the master novelist, Ken Follett. What a truly wonderful discovery! You have given me many, many hours of pleasure as I have followed one novel with another and yet another. I have just completed the epic ‘World Without End’ having previously read ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ and would rate these as the best two novels I have ever read, and I’ve read quite a few ! I am about to start on the first of the Century trilogy. I have to leave a bit of a gap between novels so I have time to catch up with my wife. She complains that once I’ve started a Ken Follett novel she hardly gets a word out of me until I’m finished! I wonder how many divorces you must be responsible for!

New Zealand

From: Carl Ryan
Sent: Friday 23 May, 2014

I just finished reading ‘Fall of Giants’, an exceptional book by the way, which made me feel and see everything the various character experienced. I am now hunting down the second book and see that the third in the trilogy will be out this fall. I look forward to reading many of your other novels in the near future.

Thank you for making everything so realistic and tying the characters through a historical portion of history. Outstanding work!

United States

From: Emily Stewart
Sent: Thursday 29 May, 2014

I have just finished ‘The Pillars of the Earth’. It has taken over my life for a week and a half because I’ve shirked lots of my duties so that I can sit and read read read! I’m not sure if I’ve read other Follett books – I’ll have to peruse the list. But, right now I’m reeling from this spectacular and engrossing story. I was totally rapt the entire time. Today I purchased the sequel. I’ll need to read something in between – kind of like cleansing my palate so I am ready to dive in again. Here I am at 72, thrilled and excited about finding new Follett books. Many thanks for what you do.

United States

I look forward to your letters. Please write to me via the Contact page, and do see earlier letters

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