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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Megan Mason
Sent: Friday 3 January, 2014

Dear Ken,

I have just finished both of the current books out in the century trilogy, and wow is all I can say! I am speechless. I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Fall of Giants’, however I feel as if I have mostly connected with ‘Winter of the World’. After the last line, I sat back with goosebumps and had to think about the story I have just read, for a while. It was breathtaking! So powerful! I loved every moment reading it, it made me happy, tearful and full of tension in parts. I really fell in love with the characters and felt a connection with them all. If I ever have a baby girl I have decided to call her Daisy!
Currently I am a GSCE modern war history student and will be taking my exams in May. These books have defiantly improved my knowledge and prepared me for these exams. I just want to thank you hugely for publishing these incredible books. They have opened my mind and made me realise and change my opinion on some of the topics I had about the wars. I will defiantly be recommending them to everyone I know!
I cannot contain my excitement for ‘Edge of Eternity’, so while I must wait I will take the time to read your other books as I expect they’re all as interesting as the Century trilogy.
All in all, I must conclude that you are one of the greatest authors I have heard of!

Many thanks,
United Kingdom

From: Denise McHugh
Sent: Friday 3 January, 2014

Hi Ken,
Mate, I just love your books particularly ‘Fall of Giants’ and ‘Winter of the World’… you have captured the essence of the time in such an entertaining way … I love and hate the characters, get angry, frustrated and yet laugh with and fall in love with others. You need to make Ireland your next target … it would be sensational.

Best wishes from Australia

From: Benoit Boucher
Sent: Tuesday 7 January, 2014

I am used to writing in French… I’ll do my best in English. I’m a great fan of the two world war novels you wrote and let me tell you that there’s no friend of mine who I have not suggested ‘Fall of Giants’ and ‘Winter of the World’ to. It really helps me to learn about the English people at the early 19th century and how fascinating was the Russian revolution for a leftie union advisor like me. Really anxious to read the next one! Keep up the good work!

Québec, Canada

From: Mark Jasper
Sent: Tuesday 7 January, 2014

I loved the first two books of your trilogy and eagerly await the third. Can you hurry up and finish it please.

United States

From: Steve
Sent: Thursday 9 January, 2014

Mr Follett,
I just wanted to say that I enjoy your books. I’m in my 30s and have read avidly and been into history as a child to escape from my childhood. The imagine my surprise to finally read about you and find you grew up in the Plymouth Brethren as well!

Thank you,

From: Marika Duffekova
Sent: Sunday 12 January, 2014

Dear Mr. Follett,
I just want to thank you for writing such wonderful books =) . I don’t always have time to read, but buying ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ a few years ago was one of the most memorable things that have ever happened to me. I love reading but I am very critical. However, your novels always captivate me and I can’t stop reading them until I finish them.

What I love about them the most, however, is that they have so many strong female characters. Aliena will forever be my most favourite female character because of her ability to establish herself in the world of men and become respected by them.

I can’t wait to read more books of yours. Hopefully when I finish my uni this June, I will finally get to more of your works.
So, once again – thank you. I wish you much inspiration, but, above all – joy from writing =)


From: Charles Owens
Sent: Saturday 18 January, 2014

Dear Ken,
First let me say that I only recently watched the Bloomberg interview and found it both entertaining and insightful. It is always refreshing to listen to someone who is doing what they love in life and your personal story is an inspirational one. Thank you. I am a writer myself (not here for help) and send this note with gratitude and well wishes. You have assisted me, substantially so, without knowing it. If at some point in the future you see a bestseller entitled ‘Knockout Rose’ on a shelf near you, please know that your Masterclass played a role in its fruition. I read your advice, then tailored it to fit my writing style. Made-to-measure tips from an established master of his craft… in my humble opinion. Thank you, again.

With warm regards and abundance from across the pond,
United States

From: John Bell
Sent: Monday 20 January, 2014

Hi Ken,
I previously contacted you just to say I really enjoyed the two mini-series ‘World without End’ and ‘Pillars’. Just wanted you to know, I read ‘Night over Water’ and I really enjoyed it! I am halfway through ‘Fall of Giants’ and it is outstanding.
I was wondering if that series will be put on film? I would love to see it!

United States

From: Geno McKenna
Sent: Monday 20 January, 2014

I’ve read ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ and now just finished ‘World Without End’. I’ve read several other books of yours as well and have been most pleased with all of them. One of my favorite aspects of your writing style is how you introduce a character and then reintroduce them later in the book. You always provide a short analysis when you reintroduce them so I never have to search the book trying to remember who they are (brilliant). I wish there were 5 books in the Pillars series but I’d be so happy with a 3rd. I will be starting the Century books next. THANK YOU for all of your wonderful books. Please don’t stop!

United States

From: Ned Roberts
Sent: Tuesday 21 January, 2014

Dear Mr. Follett,

Thank you so much for your wonderful books. They’ve given me many hours of reading (and listening) pleasure. Your characters and historical settings are extremely real and enlightening. I never finish one of your books and say to myself, “I could have written that!”

So many of the books I read today feel like boilerplate. Yours certainly do not. Your diverse range of characters feel alive to me. I am eagerly anticipating the final book in the Century trilogy.

So thank you very much,

United States

From: Cathrine Haugen
Sent: Thursday 23 January, 2014

Hi! I don’t expect that you have time in your busy schedule to answer me (and thank god your books are translated into Norwegian, because my English could be better, I must admit) but I’ve just completed ‘The Pillars of the Earth’, and now ‘World without End’, and I must say, it saddens me that this is it. That this is all from Kingsbridge and the people that through generations live there and take my breath away. I have read a lot of your books, and a lot of others’ books, but these are the only ones that I have lied to my husband about, excusing myself, saying I am tired, just so I can go to bed and read some more. I wish there was more to come! Thank you for your stories!


From: Carole Isakson
Sent: Friday 24 January, 2014

I learned so much from ‘The Pillars of the Earth’, thank you for your amazing research! The writing and story is incredible… but there I was in the crumbled ruins of Melrose Abbey… remembering all the stone masonry and construction I learned from YOU! Thank you :) I think I’ve read almost all your books.

I am one of those people who was handed ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ many years ago, with the statement that it was amazing and should be read, and since that time I have handed it to men and women, friends and family, young and old – and everyone loves it. I enjoyed the rest of his books thereafter.

At work my assistant and I are voracious readers, and it’s funny because we finally had to make the rule that when you hand over a book, the review is always not made in comparison to ‘Pillars’ – because for a while every review went like this: “Would you like to read this? It’s a great book about ________. I mean, not as good as ‘Pillars’, nothing is, but it’s pretty good”.

Truly, your research is appreciated as well, having read that book made my explorations in Scotland and England so much better, as I was constantly reminded of all the stonemasonry and construction things I learned in the book! To be entertained, consumed by characters, and educated at the same time? Rare!!!

United States

From: Irmgard Wood
Sent: Friday 24 January, 2014

Hi Mr. Follett: I absolutely love your books. Especially the series that began with ‘Fall of Giants’. My family originated in Europe and migrated to the United States after World War II – Russian and German descent. Therefore, I find your books most interesting. I love getting your personal updates. It is such a nice thing to do for your readers. I look forward to all your news. I wish you the very best for 2014. Thank you.

United States

From: Rachel Charlesworth
Sent: Friday 24 January, 2014

I’ve just lost a year to Ken Follett! I mean that in the nicest possible was as I’ve just read ‘Fall of Giants’ and ‘Winter of the World’ and loved them both. I’m dyslexic and it’s taken me 12 months to read both books but I’ve loved being educated and enthralled, looking forward to the next instalment and you’re other books. Keep up the good work :)

United Kingdom

From: Irit Katz
Sent: Tuesday 28 January, 2014

Dear Ken, I have enjoyed ‘Fall of Giants’ and ‘Winter of the World’ so much! I can’t wait for ‘Edge of Eternity’ to come out in September! My birthday is in September so it is the best birthday present you could have given me :) Thank you for writing such amazing novels. They are so good I can’t put them down but I also don’t want them to end…

United States

From: Joey Turrisi
Sent: Wednesday 29 January, 2014

Dear Ken Follett,

I recently have read your thrilling books: ‘The Pillars of the Earth’, ‘World Without End’, ‘Night Over Water’, and both ‘Fall of Giants’ and ‘Winter of the World’. I wanted to thank you for letting me enjoy these books. I am 14 years old and had not read a book over 500 pages until my mom told me about ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ last summer. I read and really enjoyed the book. I am presently reading ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ for the second time and getting a lot more out of it. I can’t wait for ‘Edge of Eternity’ which my sister has pre-ordered for me as a birthday present. I was wondering what inspired you to write such good literature?

Joey Turrisi
United States

From: Lesley Morden
Sent: Wednesday 29 January, 2014

Hello Mr. Follett,

While I recognize that you probably don’t read emails from fans, I just thought I’d let you know about the impact your previous book, ‘The Pillars of the Earth’, has had on my life.

I was a lowly librarian working in the banking industry in Toronto when I first read this book. I had already obtained my MA in Ancient History and when I read this book I immediately decided that I needed a change. Boredom for the rest of my life wasn’t an option and I dreamed that I could one day pursue a Ph.D. in Medieval history. Your book changed my life! After many years of slaving for the “man”, I finally had the opportunity to return to university and take a Ph.D. – yes, in medieval history!

Your book and its characters “spoke” to me of a world I had little understood and I knew immediately that my life was being bound to this historical period. I am now working as a humble sessional instructor in a couple of post-secondary institutions in my home town, and have the marvellous privilege of bringing to life the middle ages for my students.

See? Dreams can become reality – if one puts in the work and dedication to achieve them. It all started for me with ‘The Pillars of the Earth’. I am grateful you wrote this book, for without it, I may have been still shackled to a life that was increasingly becoming unsustainable for me. Thank you! Thank you!

Lesley Anne

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