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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Richard Halberg
Sent: Friday 5 July, 2013

Dear Ken. It is stunningly wonderfully how you write… it is totally incomprehensible to me how you can do so for so many historical periods. Thank you from the heart for bringing countless hours of reading enjoyment to us all.

As a very wide world traveler, your ‘takes’ on the cities and places of Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Asia are totally in-character, it takes me back to the streets of so many of the cities I know and love. The characters you build there are incredibly real.

A thousand thanks, again.


From: Karen Smith
Sent: Saturday 6 July, 2013

Thank you for the advice on this site. I have enjoyed four of your novels so far and look forward to reading many more!

United States

From: Bruce Kaplan
Sent: Saturday 13 July, 2013

Having read ‘World Without End’, ‘The Pillars of the Earth’, ‘Fall of the Giants’ and ‘Winter of the World’, among others, I just want to say the time spend inside your words have given me more pleasure and knowledge that I could have wished for and no words can express my gratitude.
Thank you so much.

United States

From: Keith Rydings
Sent: Saturday 13 July, 2013

Just finished ‘Winter of the World’ and am lost till next year…! Beautifully written, I was totally captivated with it and feel I have lost my character friends too soon. Please continue to fashion these stories. Have read all your books and find the long waits difficult.


From: Marie-Sylvie Marin
Sent: Tuesday 16 July, 2013

Dear Mr Follett,
Just a note to let you know that I’ve enjoyed (very much) your book ‘Lie Down with Lions’. It’s the first novel I’ve read from your books (I know it’s not recent), but it will certainly won’t be the last. It was beautifully written and was entertaining. Even though it takes place in the 80’s with the Russians, I’m sure a lot of it is still relevant in this day and age. So thank you for your art of putting pen to paper and providing hours of escape to us readers.


From: Chris Cairns
Sent: Tuesday 23 July, 2013

Hi Mr. Follett,
I have read ‘Fall of Giants’ and I am going to read ‘The Man from St. Petersburg’. I really look forward to reading that book!


From: Vera Fitz-Gerald
Sent: Thursday 25 July, 2013

‘The Pillars of the Earth’ followed by ‘World Without End’ where simply wonderful! And I loved ‘Fall of Giants’ and ‘Winter of the World’. I’m an avid reader. You are probably the best author I’ve ever read. Thank you!! I can’t wait for the sequel. Are you planning a Kingsbridge sequel? I loved those books!


From: Francis Gonzalez
Sent: Friday 26 July, 2013

Mr. Follett, I’ve just finished reading ‘Fall of Giants’, I loved it! Its the first novel I read from you, but surely it wont be the last. I’m eager to start reading ‘Winter of the World’. Thank you for give me a splendid leisure time!


From: Jackie Hartstein
Sent: Saturday 27 July, 2013

Thank you. You are my favorite author. I just finished ‘Winter of the World’ and will wait patiently. I have read all your books. Historical fiction is my favorite genre. I hope that is a somewhat accurate label for your work. Again, thank you.

United States

From: Charles Pratt
Sent: Sunday 28 July, 2013

Dear Ken, Thank you for your wonderfully entertaining books particularly those based on historical events. I am now a septuagenarian with a reasonable education and your books have been so enlightening to me of events I may never have become aware.

All the best

From: Malene Knudsen
Sent: Monday 29 July, 2013


I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful piece of art that is ‘The Pillars of the Earth’. It was, without doubt, one of the best novels I’ve ever read. I found myself both hating, crying, laughing and loving, my heart hammering and hands shaking, over and over again as the story took form. Tipping from great happiness for our heroes to great sorrow as their enemies did the most unimaginable, horrible things that I’d never thought they would be mean end selfish enough to think about. The evil and madness took me by surprise every single time, and I was anxious, right to the last sentence, that justice would never be done.

It was so well written, that I cannot hide my excitement. I’m so glad that I did read this wonderful piece, and I will surely encourage everyone to read it.

Thank you for sharing such brilliance :)


From: Betty Sanders
Sent: Wednesday 31 July, 2013

I have just finished reading ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ and ‘World without End’ back to back and have never enjoyed a story so much and didn’t want it to end. I accidentally came across the last three episodes of ‘World without End’ on TV and wished I had seen more. I saw it was based on your book, so bought both books and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I am an avid reader but have not read any of your books before – but plan to do so now.
Thank you for giving me such enjoyment and taking me to another world.

United Kingdom

From: Elaine Cotton
Sent: Wednesday 31 July, 2013

Dear Mr. Follett: Just a note to tell you I cannot wait for the third book in your trilogy ‘Fall of Giants’. Your research and in-depth description of history and its’ characters have taught me so much about this time in history. I have completed ‘Winter of the World’ and passed it on to a friend. Thank you for keeping us entertained!

United States

From: Jimmy Cao
Sent: Wednesday 31 July, 2013

I really enjoyed reading the two books out so far for the Century Trilogy. Despite being born in 1991, your books take me back to those times as if I were in my youth during all the chaos. Your story telling and character progression is stellar. Daisy’s change over the years was my favourite.

Cannot wait for the third instalment! Unfortunately I will hate finishing reading that… as with the end of all great things.


I look forward to your letters. Please write to me via the Contact page, and do see earlier letters

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