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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Paul Smith
Sent: Tuesday 4 June, 2013

Have just read ‘World Without End’ again. Your books give me so much pleasure.

Thank You.

From: Joanne Hines
Sent: Wednesday 5 June, 2013

You are an amazing writer. I read ‘Eye of the Needle’ years ago and then not another of your books until ‘The Pillars of the Earth’. Have just finished ‘Winter of the World’ after reading ‘Fall of Giants’. Your fictional characters meshed into very accurate historical data is marvellous. I applaud you!

United States

From: LeeAnne K
Sent: Wednesday 5 June, 2013

Dear Sir Follett (As you are deserving of the title),

‘The Pillars of the Earth’ is by far my favorite novel out of the dozens of books I’ve read; you painted a delightfully complex tale, interwoven so gracefully with the characters, building of the cathedral, and both church and royal politics; everything just springs to life with such an intensity that I suffered a minor depression, in a good way, in my non-stop tearing through pages – I have never been so moved by tragedy – and had to process the experience over the following few days after finishing. It was quite a jump from my young-adult novels, but it was an excitingly stunning trip. I have since delved into the sequel and ‘Whiteout’ and have been again impressed by your plotlines, character development, and ability to so move my heart for the protagonists as well as the utter smouldering hatred I foster for the antagonists like Ralph or Godwyn. You are rapidly becoming my favorite author and I can’t wait to continue through your work, in particular ‘Jackdaws’ and ‘Hornet Flight’!

United States

From: Patricia O’Neill
Sent: Thursday 6 June, 2013

Just to tell you that I really enjoyed ‘Fall of Giants’, it was a very satisfying read and had everything for me, great action, story and a bit of history. Great book, well done.


From: John Waldrop
Sent: Friday 7 June, 2013

I would like to tell you how much I enjoy reading your books, not only have I been entertained, but I have learned so much by reading them. Historical fiction never interested me until I started reading your books, now I am hooked. Thank you for that. I really think that you need to pressure someone in Hollywood to do ‘Night Over Water’ as a movie, it would be fantastic. I am looking forward to the trilogy’s last book.

Thank you again.
United States

From: Tonya O’Dell
Sent: Tuesday 11 June, 2013

Storytellers are the voice of humanity, don’t ever stop telling your stories!

United States

From: Barbara Curtis
Sent: Sunday 16 June, 2013

I just finished reading ‘Hornet Flight’ and once I started, I couldn’t put it down. Have you done a follow up to this book? This is the first of your books that I have read and I’m going to read more.

United States

From: Julian Clifton-Thompson
Sent: Tuesday 18 June, 2013

Hi Ken,

I first came across your excellent work when a friend suggested that I read ‘Eye of the Needle’ (which I really enjoyed!).

From there my Kindle introduced me into your wonderful Kingsbridge series (I’ve almost finished ‘World Without End’ and my hunt for the third instalment has led me here).

While I wait for another Kingsbridge novel I’m looking forward to exploring the Century trilogy, but I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter so that I don’t miss anything!

Best regards,
United Kingdom

From: Pauline Mazzocco
Sent: Wednesday 19 June, 2013

Dear Ken Follet,
Just a few words to tell you how much I love your books. I’m a French reader and the first novel I read was ‘Le Réseau Corneille’ (‘Jackdaws’) and it was awesome. Every time I read your books, I live with the characters, I can feel what they feel, I think of the story night and day. Currently I’m reading ‘World Without End’, and it’s the first time I read one of your books in English. I really enjoy reading exactly what you wrote. Next I think I will start ‘Fall of Giants’.

I love your books because they always are different. After 12 books of your that I’ve read, I’m still pleasantly surprised to discover a new story.
So I just wanted to thank you a lot for the fabulous moments you give me.

Mille fois merci!!!

From: Edward Lumas
Sent: Wednesday 19 June, 2013

There’s no need to respond to this email. I just wanted to say that I’ll be 68 this year and I only discovered your novels last year. I can’t get enough of them. I’m sure your mysteries are responsible for many cases of hypertension. They are riveting with well drawn characters and wonderful story lines. Thank you so much!

United States

From: Bernhard Waidacher
Sent: Thursday 20 June, 2013

Dear Mr. Follet,

I have just finished reading ‘Winter of the World’ and I absolutely enjoyed it. I love your style and the book was very fascinating. I read ‘Fall of Giants’ before, which I found more interesting, because I do not have much knowledge about this time, so there were more surprises. I normally do not read much, but I love your style of writing books. There are the ‘normal’ interactions and relationships everyone of use has and there are also war scenes, which you described in a way that you could feel you would be involved in the war yourself. I am looking forward to your next book.

Yours sincerely,


From: Alvin Doroshkin
Sent: Saturday 22 June, 2013

Just a thanks for all the pleasure both my wife and I received reading your books. We started with ‘Fall of Giants’, then ‘Winter of the World.’ Then read ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ and followed it with ‘World Without End’. You gave us two months of bliss and we thank you very much and cannot wait for the next one.

United States

From: Laura Spragg
Sent: Wednesday 26 June, 2013

I love your books! ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ has been my all time favorite but I think it may be replaced. I’m reading ‘Fall of Giants’ and staying up late reading every night. Luckily I’m a school teacher so I can sleep in. Thank you for your stories ! Can’t wait to finish the trilogy.

United States

From: Alexandre Zanatta
Sent: Sunday 30 June, 2013

I would like to congratulate you for your work. Currently I have only ‘Lie Down With Lions’ and ‘Eye of the Needle’. Both arrested me in the chair. Few authors who have this ability to produce works that hold the readers attention. I intend this year to acquire other of your books.
Keep up the fantastic work…


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