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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Alexander Gilder
Sent: Thursday 1 November, 2012

Mr. Follett,

I am currently working my way through ‘Winter of the World’ and would just like to say how engaging and amazing the novel is. If I had more time to do personal reading I would finish it in a matter of days. Seeing history through the eyes of a multitude of people from different lands is truly brilliant. I have just had to put down your book after finding out Daisy is in love with Lloyd because I have legal reading to do.

I read ‘Fall of Giants’ two years ago and couldn’t have asked for a better book. This trilogy is the kind which I don’t stop talking about to friends and is exactly what interests me. So thank you very much for such an enjoyable series and I cannot wait for part three.

Kind regards,

United States

From: Aimee Berry
Sent: Saturday 3 November, 2012

Hi Ken,
I just wanted to say that I am obsessed with your books! I bought ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ over five years ago in Canada, couldn’t quite get into it at the age 21, but recently picked it up again after reading ‘Fall of Giants’ and ‘Winter of the World’. I finished ‘Pillars’ in three days… just finished reading ‘The Key to Rebecca’, and have now realised there is a sequel to ‘Pillars’ … which I just purchased this morning…
Thank you so much for writing such amazing novels :)

Kind regards,

From: Jeanne Park
Sent: Sunday 4 November, 2012

Please write fast, so I can finish the trilogy before I reach my expiration date. I am 82. A niece and I are the total membership of “The Midnight Book Club”, and are reading ‘Winter of the World’ and e-mailing each other through our long sleepless nights. Thanks for good stories and digestible history.

United States

From: Stephen Tulevski
Sent: Monday 5 November, 2012

Today I finished ‘Winter of the World’. What a great book. I have already bought another three copies for Christmas presents. Can’t wait until the third book is released.


From: Xavi Molins
Sent: Tuesday 6 November, 2012

After ten years, I have read again ‘Jackdaws’. And like ten years ago, I have fallen in love with Flick.
Thanks for your books.


From: David Johnson
Sent: Wednesday 7 November, 2012

Dear Mr. Follett,
I owe you a huge debt of gratitude. Let me explain.

I am 72 years old and never was much of a reader other than periodicals and newspapers. Three years ago, my wife attended a warehouse book sale here in Binghamton, NY. I had no interest, so she went with a friend. She returned home with two suitcases full of books which went into the bookcase and on different casual tables. I don’t know why, but about 6 months later I casually picked up a rather large novel from one of the tables and started to read. From that minute on, I could not lay it down. Of course the book was ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ and my introduction to your wonderful, wonderful writing.

Now, I have become a voracious reader and cannot wait until the annual warehouse sale. We always come home with two suitcases of books and I just found your ‘Winter of the World’ and love the way you transitioned from ‘Fall of Giants.’

My heart felt thanks to you for your genius that has introduced me to a part of life I had missed and now look forward to every day of my life.

I remain your devoted and grateful fan,

United States

From: Laura Hesse
Sent: Wednesday 7 November, 2012

Hi! I just finished your book ‘Fall of Giants’ and I need to let you know that I found it a very unique book. For the first time I understood the ways that led into war in those days. No teacher has ever been able to make me understand the important events you need to know if you wish to understand the past. I thought it was fascinating to look from so many perspectives on the same topic. I would really recommend this very remarkable book to schools. It’s not only a wonderful entertainment but a real help to understanding.

So I thank you for that and I’m really curious about ‘Winter of the World’.

Best wishes.

From: Susan Hughes
Sent: Wednesday 7 November, 2012

Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed ‘Fall of Giants’ and ‘Winter of the World’. I read both so fast, I couldn’t put them down and even when I wasn’t reading the characters were in my mind. I also feel I have learned too, although I studied this period of history in school. Thanks for writing such fantastic books. I cannot wait for the third, so I hope you are busy writing!

Kind regards.
United Kingdom

From: Chiara Faiman
Sent: Thursday 8 November, 2012

Just wanted to congratulate with you. Any time I finish a novel I feel as if I were an orphan, finding myself without all those amazing characters who always become friends of mine. Please, write quickly!!!!


From: Kristian Husted
Sent: Saturday 10 November, 2012

Have been reading all your books – you are simply the best. Sometimes I have a periods where I can’t get my self into reading, but if I start with one of your books I am into it again. Thanks!
One of your biggest fans


From: Donna Nelson
Sent: Monday 12 November, 2012

Hi Ken, I read the last 50 pages of ‘Winter of the World’ slower, just so that it would last longer. Loved it. Cancel any planned leave and focus on the conclusion. You probably get a million e-mails like mine but I just wanted you to know that your talent makes my daily commute on the train something to look forward to. I wish your books would never end. Thank you from Down Under.


From: Kimberly Carden
Sent: Tuesday 13 November, 2012

Several members of my book club are Ken Follett readers, therefore ‘Fall of Giants’ was selected as our December reading. I am so enjoying the book and look forward to our discussion! Thank you for giving your readers rich, vibrant characters and story details that breath life in the historical time period. Now back to the book…
United States

From: Robert Parker
Sent: Wednesday 14 November, 2012

I wrote you after ‘Fall of Giants’ and now that I have read ‘Winter of the World’, I’m back. You have to be one of the greatest writers of our time. I have also read ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ and ‘World Without End’ plus a lot of the earlier books. Your knowledge of history, which I love, is fantastic. I hated to come to the end of ‘Winter of the World’ because it was so good but that is a sign of a really good book. When are you projecting the final book to come out? I look forward to it.
Again you are great!!

United States

From: Dusty Walker
Sent: Wednesday 14 November, 2012

I read everything of yours I can get my hands on. So does my wife. You are a favorite author to us both. Really enjoyed the cathedral books and the first two of your latest trilogy; and anxious to read your finish to it. Can hardly wait. Please continue to write as fast as you can and still maintain your high standards! You give great pleasure to many readers.

United States

From: Todd Graetz
Sent: Thursday 15 November, 2012

Thank you for your representation of historical events in a way that projects the human side of tremendous world events – tragic and otherwise. I hope your books reinvigorate the study of history. Much can be learned from the mistakes of WW1 and WW2 and your humanistic portrayal of the very real events is both genius and refreshing. Thank you for the pleasure and ‘education’ that the reading your novels has provided us all. Thank you again, Cheers!

United States

From: Janet Kuijper
Sent: Saturday 17 November, 2012

Just finished ‘Winter of the World’. I am in total awe of anybody who can write a novel but doing historical fiction is just a total gift. Loved the book. Loved the characters. Think this should be required reading for all US history students. Can’t wait for the next one! Thank you.

United States

From: Milon Townsend
Sent: Saturday 17 November, 2012

Dear Ken,
I feel that I owe you a great deal. I’ve read your massive ‘Pillars’ and ‘World Without End’ and ‘Pillars’ (on tape) probably 7 or 8 times. The Century trilogy is good, but I want to mention that probably my favorite is ‘Jackdaws’. I find myself listening to it for maybe the 8th time, and I still enjoy it tremendously.
Thanks so much!

United States

From: Alma Darby
Sent: Sunday 18 November, 2012

Dear Ken,
Just something simple. Having read a number of your books, We have just joined a new book club and being the only Brit. I have recommended your ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ which all the Canadian ladies agreed to read never having read your publications before. I’m proud as Punch. Have a wonderful Christmas.


From: Jo Spoors
Sent: Sunday 18 November, 2012

I have literally just finished ‘Winter of the World’. This a fantastic follow up to ‘Fall of Giants’ and I genuinely loved the book. Read it in a week and I wish I could read the next one straight away. I loved the ‘Kingsbridge’ books too. The characters become part of your life and that is why I love to read your books.
Thanks again for keeping me company before I sleep :-)

United Kingdom

From: ‘Stinky’
Sent: Sunday 18 November, 2012

I love your books, make the characters so real that you love them or hate them as if they were real. I’ve read all your books and just waiting to come out next.


From: Karl Turner
Sent: Tuesday 20 November, 2012

Hi Ken
Thank you for ‘Winter of the World’. It was a great read. It really gave me a visualization (via my imagination) of what it was like living at this time in history.

I am following your Facebook posts about where you are in the world promoting your book. Please stop doing this ! ! You don’t need to promote something of such high quality. It speaks for itself. So please stop travelling and get back to writing the final part of this magnificent series. :-)

It will be a long year for me waiting for book 3.


From: Ashley Rowlett
Sent: Wednesday 21 November, 2012

Huge fan here!! I’ve finally found an author that holds my interest 100%. I’ve read ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ four times and ‘Fall of Giants’ three times. I’m seriously considering naming my first daughter Caris!! Can not wait to finish ‘Winter of the World’ which my husband gave me for our anniversary!! Keep up the brilliant work!! Cheers!!

United States

From: Pauline Hayton
Sent: Wednesday 21 November, 2012

Dear Ken,
I want to thank you for writing such interesting, absorbing books that I could not put down. Riveting stories. How did you come up with so many ideas and plots, actions, intrigues, story-lines.
I have had a fabulous two weeks of reading ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ and ‘World Without End’. I’m an author too but I’m awed by your ability to entertain and captivate your readers. I’ll be reading your trilogy next. It was my brother-in-law from South Africa who insisted I read your newer books. I read your thrillers years ago.

United States

From: Tommy Baccaro
Sent: Friday 23 November, 2012

Just finished ‘Winter of the World’ and I am looking forward to the third in the series. I am a retired public school principal but I was a history major and began my career teaching history. I think that is why I am so drawn to your books and anxiously await the next one. Keep up the great work. Sincerely,

United States

From: Seneca Scott
Sent: Saturday 24 November, 2012

I have been reading your books since I was 9, my favorites maybe a little too often. Your best is Pillars, to me anyway. I appreciate your love of history, and detail; and I believe your best and brightest work is still ahead of you.
No longer able to suppress the stories and visions bursting through me, I decided to put pen to paper. When I’m done, I hope to have repaid you in some way for the magic and inspiration you have given me!

All the Best…
United States

From: Jan Roza
Sent: Sunday 25 November, 2012

I have just finished reading your ‘Fall of Giants’. It was hard to stop once I started, it’s a wonderful book. Everyone with an interest in the history of the last century should read it as it so clearly shows you the sentiments and logic from those days. It gives a very clear view on how a disaster like world war 1 could start. I felt like being there myself and got a good understanding of views from all sides on life during the conflict. As soon as the paperback edition of ‘Winter of the World’ comes out I’ll stand in line to get my hands on it. Compliments sir, you wrote a masterpiece!


From: Joann Phelps
Sent: Sunday 25 November, 2012

I love what you write. I plunge into your stories and cannot put them down. I am an American in Paris, used to teach English and would ask my students what their favorite book was — everyone said ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ – I asked them to explain — and thought OMG — over 1 000 pages of cathedral building in the Middle Ages — yuck — but once I began, I couldn’t put the book down! Hats off to you dear sir!


From: Terry Brown
Sent: Sunday 25 November, 2012

I just finished reading ‘Winter of the World’ and cannot tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I often find after reading such a suspenseful novel, I am at a loss because I want to read more. For that I will eagerly await your third novel in the Trilogy. It is so much easier to understand history when it is written in this form, your novels should be required reading for any high school history classes. I have read most of your other novels and am amazed with your abilities as a story teller. Please keep up the good work and your exceptional writings.


From: Tim Duncan
Sent: Sunday 25 November, 2012

I love your books so much! I have read most of them and ready to re-read earlier ones. I read ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ when I was visiting London. It made me enjoy the churches even more. In the middle of ‘Winter’, fully enjoyed ‘Giants’. You are by far my favorite author.

United States

I look forward to your letters. Please write to me via the Contact page, and do see earlier letters

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