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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Sue Sita
Sent: Tuesday 2 October, 2012

I’ve been enamored of you since ‘Eye of the Needle’. Can’t wait to read ‘Winter’. I can’t pick one novel I like the best since I love them all. Thanks

United States

From: Lisa Ornstein
Sent: Wednesday 3 October, 2012

Just finished ‘Winter of the World’ and loved it can’t wait for the last one. When can we expect it? Your research is amazing. Congratulations on another great read.

Thank you

United States

From: Beverly Kern
Sent: Thursday 4 October, 2012

I am not on the habit of sending fan letters, but you are an exception. ‘Pillars of the Earth’ is my favorite book. Just finished ‘Winter of the World’ and was as fascinating as ‘Fall of Giants’. Thank you for all the great reading you have furnished me over the years.

United States

From: Gretchen Deuel
Sent: Thursday 4 October, 2012

I’ve always been an avid reader but didn’t read ‘Pillars of the Earth’ until 2007, at the suggestion of my bookworm Mother, who knew being lonely in Paris with only the cathedrals to calm, would be a perfect fit.
I fell in love. I read that story and ‘World without End’ at least once a year. It remains as important to me and as fresh and new every time I read it.

All I have to say is, thanks.

Can’t wait to read ‘Winter of the World’!

United States

From: Sole Trapero
Sent: Saturday 6 October, 2012

I have already finished ‘Winter of the World’ and I have to tell you that I have really enjoyed it. It has been both enjoyable and informative. It is impossible for me to choose among your books, since I love them all. I am from Spain. Best regards.


From: Thomas Baird
Sent: Sunday 7 October, 2012

Greetings Mr. Follett,
As a child I was encouraged to read and loved to read science fiction, sometimes I would read late into the night. Over the years I have maybe read thousands of books of all kinds. A couple of years ago my sister suggested I read ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ and I was hooked, sadly (not really), your books have spoiled me, I no longer enjoy reading any other author, no one fills all the gaps like you do. I am sure over time I will read all your books. Thank you and please never stop writing.

United States

From: Skeeter Lieberum
Sent: Sunday 7 October, 2012

I started reading your works with ‘The Pillars of the Earth’, and have been looking for your books ever since. I just finished ‘Winter of the World’. I was a disinterested history student, but you connect historical events in such a way that it's an enjoyable trip. Thanks and look forward to the next one.

United States

From: Dusty Ballard
Sent: Sunday 7 October, 2012

Wow! I’ve just read ‘Fall’… Thank you! I couldn’t put it down. That’s my first of yours; I will start on the rest, and will encourage my two daughters to read your Century trilogy, also.

United States

From: Wolfgang Herzig
Sent: Monday 8 October, 2012

Dear Mr. Follett
I just finished ‘Winter of the World’. Like the first book in this series it was a page turner. It is amazing how you combined historic facts within the story of the families. After reading the fist book in this series I mentioned that I had the feeling I would read a modern version of ‘War & Peace’ — now I even are more of the same opinion.
What else can I say? A well written, interesting, awesome book.

Puerto Rico

From: Jennifer Fonseca
Sent: Wednesday 10 October, 2012

Dear Ken,
I just finished ‘Winter of the World’, and I have to say it has been an awesome experience. I have cried, laughed and felt helpless and overwhelmed with the joys and awful moments of all characters… it’s amazing how you make the reader felt part of the story and live it like its own. I loved the book and can’t wait for the next part… Thanks for these masterpiece and please keep writing. Good luck on your tour, with love from Spain.


From: Ann Marie Taylor
Sent: Thursday 11 October, 2012

I’m reading ‘Fall of Giants’. It’s the first of your books I’ve ever read and I’m only about a third of the way into it. All I can tell you is that I love it, love it, love it. I can’t get enough. Its one of the better books I’ve ever read and I’m enjoying it immensely. It’s making me late for work in the mornings because I can’t put it down.
Thank you for all the work you put into it!

United States

From: Paula
Sent: Thursday 11 October, 2012

This is my second try to say thank you so much for ‘Winter of the World’ and ‘Fall of the Giants’ and my all time favorite, ‘The Pillars of the Earth’. You made the history and politics of World War I and II come alive. I just hated when both books ended. I could have read forever. Can’t wait for the third book.
Thanks for the joy and knowledge you have given to my world!

United States

From: Angela
Sent: Friday 12 October, 2012

You’re my favorite author, thank you for many happy hours of reading. Your Century trilogy is wonderful, full of well defined characters, historical fact well intertwined. Great!!! Can’t wait for your next work.

United States

From: Barbara Boltshauser
Sent: Saturday 13 October, 2012

Hello Ken, I just want to congratulate you for your work and tell you that I have enjoyed very much every novel you have published, mostly ‘Fall of Giants’ and ‘Winter of the World’ because I love studying both world wars. Thank you for the education.

Best wishes!

From: John Dutton
Sent: Saturday 13 October, 2012

I just finished ‘A Dangerous Fortune’, the 6th book of yours I have read. I will read many more and can’t wait until my girlfriend finishes ‘Winter of the World’, so I can read it. Thanks for putting out such interesting and fun books to read. I always fees sad when they are over.


From: Mike Rossi
Sent: Sunday 14 October, 2012

Hello Mr. Follett. I read the ‘The Key to Rebecca’ and have not stopped reading your work since. Thank you for the many years of enjoyable reading. Better than hours in front of the television.

United States

From: Ruth Cowman-Powell
Sent: Sunday 14 October, 2012

Thank you! Another great book, ‘Winter of the World’… I can’t wait for the next one. I have read about six of your books I am going down the list and will read them all, so far I have enjoyed them all.


From: Peter Gardener
Sent: Tuesday 16 October, 2012

I have just finished reading ‘Winter of the World’. Brilliant!!!! Now what do I do for the next two years? The only books I’ve not read of yours are those you published under that Simon name you used. Thank you for being one of my favourite authors. Best wishes for the future.

United Kingdom

From: Krisztina
Sent: Tuesday 16 October, 2012

Dear Mr Follett, I am really angry with you. I sleep so little anyway but now since I started reading ‘Winter of the World’, I got to work like a zombie — you simply don’t let me sleep! It’s a fantastic book, as usual… Thanks and just go on writing :)

All the best,

From: Theresa
Sent: Tuesday 16 October, 2012

Dear Mr. Follett,
I just finished ‘Winter of the World’ and all I can think of to write is ‘Thank you and well done’. Reading this novel was extremely emotional, and rewarding.

Thank you,
United States

From: Cindy Beard
Sent: Wednesday 17 October, 2012

Dear Mr. Follett:
I just finished reading the second book in your Century series, and I want to tell you how very much I have enjoyed both of these novels. You bring the events and people to life. I have been recovering from a miraculous kidney transplant, and ‘Winter of the World’ has been a good friend to me while recuperating. Thanks!

United States

From: Pietro Radollovich
Sent: Wednesday 17 October, 2012

Hi Ken, I would like to simply thank you for your books. When I am alone for job reasons and far from my family, I create a parallel world reading your novels. But at the end of every book I feel always the same ‘emptiness’ sensation: after hundreds of pages it is very hard for me eliminate from my brain your characters. For example: now I’m reading ‘World without End’ and I will find very hard to separate my life from Caris and Merthin or from Gwenda and Wulfric. I would like that it never ended.
Thanks again and continue to create emotions.


From: Amrik Ghag
Sent: Thursday 18 October, 2012

Just finished reading ‘Winter of the World’. It is a superbly written book that parallels all of your previous work. I have been a fan since the age of ten and just turned fifty this month. Congratulations on your success as a writer over the years.


From: David Chester
Sent: Thursday 18 October, 2012

Dear Mr Follett, I am currently reading the second book in your trilogy. I love this one and loved the last.
Please don’t stop writing history in this faction format. There is so much to learn about the history of the world and I can think of no finer way or author to teach both young and old. Young people today seem to have no interest in history. Hopefully, your books will change this. Thank you for bringing history to life.


From: Larry Angle
Sent: Friday 19 October, 2012

I just finished ‘Winter Of The World’ and found it to be as compelling as ‘Fall of Giants’ and I am eagerly awaiting the third novel of the series. Your books are the best description of the world as we have seen it in our lifetime.

United States

From: Ginny Miller
Sent: Monday 22 October, 2012

I stalled using every excuse known to woman so that I wouldn’t finish ‘Winter of the World’, but I just turned page 940 and now I have to say thank you! ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ was like that too and we’ve given eight copies to friends and family. I suspect we’ll be gifting the whole trilogy when it’s completed. Thank you for your meticulous research and thorough character development, not to mention the great story-telling that you bring to your historical novels. Our family is filled with readers, and we’re all very appreciative.

United States

From: Jenniffer Lujano
Sent: Monday 22 October, 2012

Dear Mr. Follett,
I loved your book of ‘World Without End’ I thought that being only 14 years old I was not going to understand the whole context of the book, but actually I understood it very well and from the beginning I was attracted by it. For days I just wanted to read, as well as my friend who was reading the book at the same time as me. Every day we just talked about what had happened so far and gave our opinions of the situations the characters were facing.
I just can say: Excellent job!
And thank you!


From: Robert Simms
Sent: Monday 22 October, 2012

I don’t care about a few errors of spelling, misplacement of cities and non-existent wines and religious groups. The breadth of cultural and historical depiction on display in your work is amazing to me and I seldom read works that create for me the vivid imagery that results. Thanks for informative entertainment, or entertaining information, whichever.

United States

From: Judi Chilton
Sent: Wednesday 24 October, 2012

Dear Ken:
Just a note to let you know how very much I enjoy your writing, especially the trilogy you are currently working on. I am nearly finished with ‘Winter of the World’ and am dismayed I will have to wait two years for the third and final edition.

However, ‘World Without End’ and ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ were just as wonderful and I truly appreciate your contribution to the literary world.
Best regards,

United States

From: Sandy Graham
Sent: Wednesday 24 October, 2012

I just finished reading ‘Winter of the World’, after re-reading ‘Fall of Giants’. WOW! You make history so eminently readable (can hardly put it down), and explain how all those events that I lived through early on, came about. Thank you SO MUCH!!! Can’t wait for the third book in the trilogy.

United States

From: Jeremy Rougie
Sent: Thursday 25 October, 2012

I have never enjoyed reading much in my life I have only read a handful of books that could capture me then I bought ‘Jackdaws’. To date I have read ten of your books they are simply amazing and I have a new found love for reading. Thank you for all that you do.

United States

From: Therissa Alexander
Sent: Thursday 25 October, 2012

I just want to thank you for reminding me why I love to read. I started in high school with ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ years ago and I have been a fan since. As a history major, I really appreciated and am enjoying the Century trilogy

United States

From: Marketa Lukesova
Sent: Friday 26 October, 2012

Dear Mr. Follett, thank you very much for your novels. I was introduced to ‘Fall of Giants’ by my friend several months ago and since then I read both Kingsbridge novels, ‘Winter of the World’ and several shorter novels. I liked them all and I am looking forward to the third book of the 20th century saga as well as the next Kingsbridge piece. There is only one problem with your books – I cannot do anything else than reading and not everyone understands that they have to wait with their needs until I finish the book (e.g. my family, clients…). Thanks again

Czech Republic

From: Andrea Mello
Sent: Saturday 27 October, 2012

Dear Mr Ken Follett
I write just to thank you for provide me so many amazing hours… your books have the power to carry me out… to another time and place. Please be sure you have a huge admirer in Brazil.
All the best.


I look forward to your letters. Please write to me via the Contact page, and do see earlier letters

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