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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Melinda Clarke
Sent: Wednesday 1 February, 2012

Hello, I have read a number of your books and have enjoyed them thoroughly. You have a wonderful way of creating a world that makes the reader feel that they are part of the story. So much so that I get so engrossed, I have almost missed my train stop on numerous occasions! I hope you get to Canada some time as it would be great to go to one of your book signings.


From: Alice Pederiva
Sent: Wednesday 1 February, 2012

Mr Follett,
I know you may receive lots of e-mails like this one, but I feel like I must thank you for your brilliant work. I am a Brazilian seventeen-year-old girl studying every hard to get into medical school. The big point of telling you that, is to show you how important my free time is for me, and to let you know that the only thing that makes me relax and makes me feel like I’m still alive, though I have been doing nothing but studying lately, is reading ‘Fall of Giants’. That is why I’m writing to you, I wanted to show you how essential your work is, at least for me, and, again, to say thank you.


From: Marjan Geluk
Sent: Thursday 2 February, 2012

Dear Mr Follet,
I am a great admirer and fan of your books! I already was but when reading ‘Pillars of the Earth’ many years ago I am even more of a fan. Whenever I visit churches or cathedrals, I have to think of this book and just wonder how it’s possible these buildings were built by hand. Now I just started reading ‘Fall of Giants’ and it’s another great book. Thank you so much for your stories and details of character etc. I can’t wait for the sequel and hope you will be able to write the third part!


From: Liam McVeigh
Sent: Friday 3 February, 2012

Hi Ken, I have recently been introduced to your work by a good friend who bought me ‘Pillars’ for Christmas, really loved it and I am looking forward to reading ‘World Without End’ which I have just purchased. I haven’t read for a long time, thanks to you this has changed.


From: Brittany Campbell
Sent: Saturday 4 February, 2012

Hi Ken,
My name is Brittany and I am writing this message part from myself and the rest from my grandfather, Thomas Campbell. He was really excited when he found out he could write you a message! He is an avid fan of yours and has read all of your books, he introduced myself to them and I immediately became a fan. You’re writing is captivating and I am looking forward to reading more of your books. My grandfather is looking forward to the follow up of ‘Fall of Giants’. He loves reading and he loves reading your books, thank you for writing!

Brittany and Thomas Campbell

From: Seán Nialluis
Sent: Monday 6 February, 2012

‘Fall of Giants’: I have been singing the praises of this book since I read it last week. I had read some of your books before and enjoyed them. This book however is in a class of its own: a terrific story with a wealth of historical detail which captures one and holds one in thrall for the duration. I even suspended my normal speedreading mode! Ad multos annos, multos more stories of course. Every good wish.

United Kingdom

From: Kaylee Foley
Sent: Tuesday 7 February, 2012

Your work has been very inspiring, meaningful and very entertaining. Your ability to make a reader feel as if they are there in the story never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for your beautiful work. Also, thank you for your advice to aspiring writers, very helpful.
United States

From: Dewan Thornberry
Sent: Thursday 9 February, 2012

I have read a lot of books from most all of Dickens to most all of Michener, all Dick Francis, all of Crichton. I went to the bookstore looking for an "epic tale" because I was feeling a little unfulfilled lately. I was pointed to ‘The Pillars of the Earth’. I am blown away. I have cried and laughed from elation through the night. I don’t want to work today for want of more reading. The prologue comes to mind and I am afraid to go on. I am a 42 yr old father of 6. A biker. People would laugh. I will not desert you, I will buy every book. I think ‘Pillars’ is the best I have ever read and I devour some books. Thank you, thank you.

United States

From: Jeff Averill
Sent: Friday 10 February, 2012

I just finished ‘Fall of Giants’ and wanted to give you some feedback. My dad gave me the book this past Christmas. I have not taken the time to read a novel in years. I forgot what a joy it is to read a great book. ‘Fall of Giants’ did not let me down. It not only was extremely entertaining, informative and, strange to say, inspirational. As I get depressed with problems in my own life I forget of the real hardships faced by those that came before us. Thanks again for a good read.

United States

From: Kurt Freeman
Sent: Monday 13 February, 2012

I love your books. I am currently reading ‘A Place Called Freedom’ for the third time. Looking forward to the next book. Gracias Amigo. :)

United States

From: Shields Jarrett
Sent: Wednesday 15 February, 2012

Just a word of thanks for your suggestions on finding an agent/publisher. I just finished my first book (75,000 words) and have no idea where to go with it, but will pursue some of the links you listed. Thanks for being willing to share knowledge with new writers.

United States

From: Dale Gerstenslager
Sent: Thursday 16 February, 2012

If history books were written (or at least required reading to accompany the text books) in the style of ‘Pillars’ or ‘Fall of Giants’ we’d have many more students of history and maybe, just maybe, we’d not be repeating it so often.


From: Betsey Keck
Sent: Saturday 18 February, 2012

I was given ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ for Christmas. I have just started to read it and I am excited. It is the first book authored by you that I have read (am reading) and I am sure it will not be my last. Here is my amazed, ‘WOW!’

United States

From: Lynn Radok
Sent: Monday 20 February, 2012

I wanted you to know, that you are directly responsible for me losing hours of sleep! More than a couple of times, I’ve woken up in the middle of the night, and have found myself seductively beckoned by one of your partially read books — I simply HAD to read more — right then and there! Sleep be damned. You’re also responsible however — for hours of pleasure. And for that, I thank you. Keep up the great work!

United States

From: Joanne Murphy
Sent: Wednesday 22 February, 2012

Because of your work, I am learning to love history! I am ¾ through ‘Fall of Giants’ and came to your page today to learn how long I will have to wait to read part 2 of your century trilogy. Thank you for bringing the past alive!

United States

From: Andrea Elitzur
Sent: Thursday 23 February, 2012

Yesterday I finished reading ‘Fall of Giants’ and feel that I have lost my best friend. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, reading it slowly in order to internalize and absorb everything. It broadened my knowledge regarding the ‘Great War’ as it then was called and many other aspects regarding politics, class status, day-to-day living at that time in various parts of the world. Waiting eagerly for your next two books in this magnificent trilogy. Keep up the great work!!


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