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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Geoffroy Thierie
Sent: Thursday 1 December, 2011

Dear Mr Follett,

I write to you for two reasons. First of all I would like to thank you for the many hours of reading pleasure you gave me (I have read 12 of your books). I like the way you write, the way you’re able to involve the reader through thousand pages with a good story, strong characters well defined and of flesh and blood, with a good mixture of action, emotions, accurate historical information, romance, sex etc.

Secondly, you are one of the few English authors who, through their books, allow foreigners (I am a Belgian living in Luxembourg with Dutch as mother tongue) to improve their English in a pleasant way. At least that is my experience. You have a way of writing which I would define as at the same time ‘easily accessible’ and ‘complex and rich in vocabulary’. Once one has gained a certain level of English one can quite easily read your books and follow the story without having to stop every three lines to consult a dictionary (except for your description of the architectural details of cathedrals in ‘The Pillars of the Earth’, where you made me suffer :-)). At the same time, I learned and discovered a lot of new words in English because you have a way of being generous with words, a way of enrich your language with a lot of synonyms without ‘overkilling’ a text or making it hard to read.

I am currently reading ‘Fall of Giants’, which, in my opinion is one of your best books. I wish you a lot of inspiration for the second and third part of your planned trilogy and I hope to meet you one day and shake your hand at one of your signings.

Kind regards,


From: Roz Laakso
Sent: Thursday 1 December, 2011

We love listening to your audio books. We saw ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ now we’re listening to ‘World Without End’ and we’re almost done. I’m torn between knowing what happens and not wanting the book to end. We love your books.

United States

From: Denise McDowell
Sent: Friday 2 December, 2011

Just finishing ‘Fall of Giants’, loving it! I have introduced your books to the girls in my school office and we are all Follett mad now! It is great being able to discuss the books though and they are just finishing ‘Pillars’. Don’t know how we are going to manage until end of next year! Oh well! Thanks so much again. Greetings from Belfast x

United Kingdom

From: Nina Dhindsa
Sent: Saturday 3 December, 2011

I am in total awe of your talent as a writer whilst I am reading ‘Pillars Of The Earth’. ll the emotions you feel whilst reading this book and the fact that you feel like you are living in two time zones… It is my favourite book I cannot thank you enough.

United Kingdom

From: Sheri Dennehy
Sent: Sunday 4 December, 2011

Hello, Mr. Follett…

Just wanted to share our happy news. Two weeks ago we were blessed with the arrival of our third daughter, Lara Aliena. Thought you might care to know how influential ‘Pillars’ was and still is. It is our favorite! Thanks for the name… We have received lots of compliments!

Looking forward to your next book! Hope to see you again at a local signing or appearance. Be well.

United States

From: Sandra Gelman
Sent: Wednesday 7 December, 2011

Just finished ‘Fall of Giants’. What a marvelous book. I can’t wait for the sequels. What is your time frame. I am 77 years old, so don’t take to long. You are a wonderful author. I loved your characters. Wanted to jump into the book.

United States

From: Anita Eades
Sent: Thursday 8 December, 2011

Mr. Follett: I want to thank you for the hours of pleasure you gave me with ‘World Without End’. I almost hated to finish it. I will miss Caris and Merthin. I am sure you hear similar messages all the time, but I just had to tell you. I have read and loved ‘The Pillars of the Earth’, ‘A Dangerous Fortune’, ‘The Key to Rebecca’… well, I can’t name them all. I can’t wait to start ‘Fall of Giants’ Thanks again from a big fan!

United States

From: Karen Grethlein
Sent: Thursday 8 December, 2011

Dear Mr. Follett,
My name is Karen Grethlein and I am a senior at Johns Hopkins University. I will be graduating in May with a B.A. degree in history. I just wanted to say how amazing I think your prose is. I have never seen an author who could make the past as vibrant and intriguing as you have. It gives me hope that my dedication to history as a discipline and the art form of writing will survive all the changes this technological age has brought about. I still get satisfaction out of cracking the spine of one of your brand new books and sitting down for an afternoon to read. My personal favorite is ‘A Dangerous Fortune’, mostly because I thought the English credit market was a risky subject and you handled it so well. Not to mention how Mickey and Augusta were such amazing antagonists! I do love a good bad guy.

I know you probably do not read your own fan mail, but I just wanted to say how amazing you are. I admire you so much Mr. Follett and hope to write as well as you one day. It would be a great honor to meet you if you are ever on the East coast of the United States. But for now I look forward to the release of your next book in the Century trilogy.

United States

From: Shawn Crow
Sent: Friday 9 December, 2011

Hello. I just wanted to tell you that I love ‘Pillars of the Earth’ and ‘World Without End’. My dad read them first and then passed them on to me and sister and we passed them on to our grandma. We all love them. They are two of my favorite books. Also I think the TV series on Starz did not do your book justice. Anyways just wanted to say that. Have a good day. :-)

United States

From: Salvador Covarrubias
Sent: Saturday 10 December, 2011

Mr. Follett, I just wanted to thank you for taking me on so many literary journeys. I fell in love with your work after reading ‘The Man from St. Petersburg’ and everything I’ve read since then has just gotten better and better. In short, you are my favorite author and the reason for my love of literature. I’ve read most of your novels. I’m currently reading Fall of Giants. So far the only thing I don’t like about your books is that they are not long enough and they always leave me begging for more. Keep up the great work.
Your loyal fan

United States

From: Cynthia Freed
Sent: Sunday 11 December, 2011

I have enjoyed reading many of your books and have recommended them to other readers. Thank you for the detail and description you give to your work.

United States

From: Connie Townsend
Sent: Monday 12 December, 2011

I loved ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ and ‘World Without End!’!! Will there be anymore of this type? Please say ‘yes’. A lot of ‘thrillers’ are too scary for me, but these were perfect! Keep up the wonderful work!
I have told many people about your books and would love to someday buy hardcopies of each. Thank you so much,

United States

From: Robert Mandel
Sent: Wednesday 14 December, 2011

Mr. Follett,
I have never enjoyed an author’s work as much as I have consistently enjoyed your novels – starting with the first one I read – ‘Eye Of The Needle’ which is still one of my favorite books. Thank you for hours of incredible entertainment.

United States

From: Hugo Sotelo
Sent: Saturday 17 December, 2011

Hello, I’m from Mexico City, years ago I received ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ as a present, first I thought I’d never finish to read it, because it is a pretty large book, but I was done in about 4-5 weeks, now that I saw ‘Fall of Giants’ in a bookstore I did not doubt to buy it, and I’m loving it, it has even made me think I do want to study another career (History) at college, thanks for writing a book that we can enjoy and learn historical events at the same time.
Best regards.

From: Norma Player
Sent: Thursday 22 December, 2011

Dear Mr. Follett,
I have been meaning to do this (write to you) for some time. Since I am now 88 years old, and not in the best of health, I had better get it done.
You are my favorite writer! I started with ‘Eye of the Needle’ and loved it. ‘Lie Down with Lions’ was so exciting my heart was pounding when they escaped over the Pass. I was THERE. Have read ‘Pillars of the Earth’ twice… so far. Currently, I am reading ‘World Without End’ and ‘Fall of Giants’ has whetted my appetite for ‘Winter of the World’. So, there you have it. An 88-year-old smitten with you and your writing. Will wonders never cease! I’ve read most of your books. Will hopefully get around to all.

United States

From: Erin Nolan
Sent: Friday 23 December, 2011

‘Pillars of the Earth’ and ‘World without End’ are possibly the greatest books I’ve read.


From: Derek Blunden
Sent: Saturday 24 December, 2011

I admire your works from the latest, ‘Fall of Giants’, to your earlier books. Cannot wait for the next book in the trilogy. Great job!

United States

I look forward to your letters. Please write to me via the Contact page, and do see earlier letters

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