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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Cynthia Blancet
Sent: Sunday 5 June, 2011

I just finished reading ‘Fall of Giants’, which I regard as one of the finest novels I have read. My grandfather fought in The Great War and unfortunately was gassed, subsequently dying in 1928 when my father was only four. I felt closer to him and his generation after ‘Fall of Giants’.
Thank you

United States

From: David Hopelain
Sent: Sunday 5 June, 2011

I just finished ‘Fall of Giants’ and have two comments. First, your ability to translate complex political developments directly into the lives of your characters is is extraordinary. Second, I’m struck by how today’s complex global political issues are similar to those at the time of WWI. I hope those ‘in charge’ read this book.
Looking forward to the next in the series.

United States

From: Andrea Michels
Sent: Monday 6 June, 2011

I first read ‘On Wings of Eagles’ when I was 12. Over 20 years later I’m still enjoying your work. The way you bring history alive impacts how I appreciate the world. Thank you!

United States

From: Robert Jenkins
Sent: Monday 6 June, 2011

Thank you for making the climactic events of the early 20th century come alive in such an engaging and illustrative manner in ‘Fall of Giants’. We are awaiting the successive novels with a great deal of anticipation. It has been my observation that the great pages of history turn on the finest of hinges, and your mastery of the details makes for the most compelling reading.
Your devoted fans

Robert and Clara Jenkins
United States

From: LaBrenda Jones
Sent: Tuesday 7 June, 2011

I am currently reading ‘Fall of Giants’. It has been more then 30 years since I have read a novel of this type. From the moment I started to read it I was transformed into that time in history. I love how you have written this. I really love the families and how they are all connected in some way to each other even from the very beginning. You are a great writer and story teller.

United States

From: Ximena Sheldon
Sent: Thursday 9 June, 2011

You are a fantastic storyteller. I read all the three big books, ‘The Pillars of the Earth’, ‘World without End’ and ‘Fall of Giants’. I really enjoyed them. The characters are fantastic and the description of the time period in each one of the books is wonderful. It made me feel like I was there living the moment and the period. I also think it is very interesting how you always have special strong women in all of the books, also idealistic, strong men. It gives you a good feeling about knowing there are and always have been real people like that. There are many more things to say about the books but most importantly I like to say I enjoyed the books very much.

United States

From: Richard Satnick
Sent: Friday 10 June, 2011

I am just finishing reading ‘Fall of Giants’. I was a history major in college in the 1950s and I must say that your book has brought this period of history to life as no other book ever has. t is wonderfully researched and true to the actual events as any history text I have read. I can’t wait for the next two books. I have read every book that you have written and this is the finest yet. Bravo.

United States

From: Jean-Paul Morand
Sent: Friday 10 June, 2011

I would like to thank you for starting my life-long love of reading. Years ago, as a teenager, more interested in video games than anything else, I picked up a well-worn copy of ‘Pillars’ and never looked back (or played any more video games!). Now a book worm by all accounts, I look forward to your next offering in the ‘Century’ trilogy.
Your fan,


From: Rebus
Sent: Tuesday 14 June, 2011

Dear Mr. Follett,
I just finished ‘Fall of Giants’ and have to say, “You are the Meister.” Great story. You did an excellent job of explaining how a totally avoidable war came to be. This book should be required reading for all politicians.
Best regards,


From: Barbara Alvarado
Sent: Wednesday 15 June, 2011

Hi Ken,
Thanks so much for your great website and the ‘Master Class’ notes. I found it all very inspiring.
Though originally from Los Angeles, I have studied in Cardiff, did my MA in Journalism and have been frustrated in the field for the past decade. In seeking a way to break free I have begun to write again. It seems I had been “born” with the gift of words but when a talent comes easily we often overlook in pursuit of greater things…

So, I thank you for your words of inspiration… I have my work cut out I see but appreciate the words of direction.

United States

From: Jason Tidd
Sent: Wednesday 22 June, 2011

Ken, I want to congratulate you on the fantastic book ‘Fall of Giants’, it is the most gripping book I have read since ‘World without End’. I am on the last few pages and reading as slow as I can because I don’t want it to end! Well done for yet another riveting read, please hurry with the sequel!

United Kingdom

From: John Wilkinson
Sent: Saturday 25 June, 2011

Hi Ken,
I am really grateful for the books you have written. I started with ‘Pillars’, watched the shows, then read ‘World’. Both were fantastic as I am sure every one tells you. Am currently about half way through your earlier books and loving them. Everyone fun, interesting and cool. The best are ’Pillars’, ‘World’ and ‘Fall’. Can’t wait.

You must get this kind of mail all of the time I am sure, but hell I tip a waiter for average service, so why not tell the best writer of our generation that we love your work! Obviously I tell all I come in contact if your work. Invariably if they read they love it!


United States

From: David Goodner
Sent: Saturday 25 June, 2011

Just a simple “thank you”, Mr. Follett. Your life and your work have enriched the days of my life and I am grateful to you for that.

United States

From: Dave Coy
Sent: Monday 27 June, 2011

I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy your book, ‘Fall of Giants’. The WWI era has fascinated me, and I’ve read many books about this period, and there aren’t that many. Your book gave me a fantastic insight into that era. Your characters live, and your story flows. I understand, now, the caste system. I had no idea what we common folk had to put up with. I understand better why people thought and acted during that time. You made it very apparent how democracy has many definitions, and why people of power made so many bad decisions. I cannot thank you enough for this masterpiece! You have taught me so much, and entertained me thoroughly! Thank you!

United States

From: Josip Lusic
Sent: Thursday 30 June, 2011

Dear Mr Follett
My first contact with any of your novels was in mid-80s, when I came across ‘The Man From St. Petersburg’… and my impressions were: Hey, this guy is really good! However, it was not until 1991, when I got ‘Eye of The Needle’ as birthday present that I started to search for your other novels, and ‘The Modigliani Scandal’ soon followed. Then I found ‘Night over Water’, ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ and ‘World Without End’. I’ve just finished reading ‘Fall of Giants’, and I would like to thank you so much for some of the best pages I have ever read. I cannot wait for the next book!


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