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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Lorraine Wylie
Sent: Tuesday 1 February, 2011

Hi Mr Follet
I am new to your books having just been given ‘Fall of Giants’ by a friend. I am currently halfway through the book and find that when I am not reading it it is never far from my thoughts. I just thought that you would like to know that today whilst waiting in the car for my husband, I noticed that we were parked opposite a war memorial in my home town of Glasgow, Scotland, which was still decorated with poppies and I felt compelled to leave the car and read the names of the fallen. I was inspired to do so by the impact your book has had on me. I found your chapter on ‘Telegram Wednesday’ in Aberowen one of the most moving pieces of literature I have ever read! This time is one of the saddest and most shameful in our history and as such should not be forgotten. I look forward to the rest of the book.

United Kingdom

From: Marijo De Graaf
Sent: Wednesday 2 February, 2011

Thanks so much for your lovely books. History, romance, humor and sex, it has it all. I read most of your books, but the last ones are my favourite. Right now I’m enjoying ‘Fall of Giants’ and I can’t wait for the next 2.


From: Don and Anne Ekless
Sent: Friday 4 February, 2011

Greetings. We have both just finished reading ‘Fall of Giants’ and want to say how much we enjoyed this incredible book, we learned more of social and political history from your book than either of us did at school or university. We can hardly wait for the next volume, do not keep us waiting too long as we are both aged 79 years. Congratulations on a fine work of history, it should be essential reading in every school. Power to your elbow – or should we say pen.

Don and Anne
United Kingdom

From: Shelly Aucoin
Sent: Saturday 5 February, 2011

I just want to let you know how much I love your books. I started with ‘Pillars of the Earth’ and have now read every book you’ve written. When I ran out of Follett books I started casting around for a similar author and the truth is there isn’t one that can match you – not even close. Thank you for hours and hours of entertainment. I can’t wait for the next book!

United States

From: Michael Whitman
Sent: Monday 7 February, 2011

Just finished ‘Fall of Giants’. As always another book you just can’t put down. The historical aspect of your books is a real gift to the reader. With our schools doing such a poor job in teaching history these days I have introduced our kids to your books trying to lite a flame in their understanding of history. Can not wait to see the next chapter. Please hurry! Hard to select the best, they are all so good.

United States

From: Jenny Pugh
Sent: Tuesday 8 February, 2011

I would like to say a HUGE thank you for re-kindling my love of churches, cathedrals, and other old buildings with your story, ‘The Pillars of the Earth’. I have now started photographing and researching them, discovering a wealth of treasure right on my doorstep.

United Kingdom

From: Bob Waterman
Sent: Saturday 12 February, 2011

I just finished ‘The Pillars of the Earth’. It was one of the most captivating books I’ve read. I loved it. I have always been a reader of suspense novels, and initially when my brother told me about ‘Pillars’ I wasn’t that enthused, but I could not put this down. I can’t wait to get started on ‘Giants’. Thanks so much.

United States

From: Dymph van der Heijden
Sent: Saturday 12 February, 2011

Dear Mister Follett,
The first book I read of yours was ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ which was about 15 years ago. Since then I have read all of your books. When I was in India last month I bought a copy of ‘Fall of Giants’. It was so thick I cut it in two to make it more comfortable to read (sorry!). I was of no use to my family for a whole week, because I couldn’t stop reading. It was so interesting to have a look into all these different lives and see how complex and important WWI was. I can’t wait for the other two books. Thank you for being such a compelling writer!


From: Loren Hopkins
Sent: Sunday 13 February, 2011

Dear Ken I have just finished reading ‘Fall of Giants’ and I just want to say what a fantastic read this was. I read this whilst backpacking around Europe and Asia (even though it took half of my backpack up!) I could not put it down. It was perfect for all the long journeys I had to take. I have read so many of your books and each one always has me hooked. I always learn so much after reading them. I cannot wait until the next book comes out.

United Kingdom

From: Bert Slootmans
Sent: Sunday 13 February, 2011

Just finished watching ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ on DVD (special collector’s edition)! Brilliant adaptation of your great book. Wish it could have been more than 8 hours! I missed so much from the book in the series. Can’t wait for ‘World Without End’ to also be adapted for TV! Already read all of your other books but for some reason I missed out on the publication of the latest one. :-( Will need to go to the bookstore this weekend to try to find it (I only read the original English language versions so could take me a while to find it in Antwerp).


From: Michael Henderson
Sent: Tuesday 15 February, 2011

Enjoy all of your novels and I keep a list of them in my wallet so if a new novel comes out and it is not on my list than I know to get it. Fantastic author!


From: Rose Barbour
Sent: Thursday 17 February, 2011

Dear Mr. Follett,
Thank you for sharing your wonderful writing with the world. ‘Pillars of the Earth’ is one of my favorite novels. I love how you make me feel like I am there in Kingsbridge sharing the joy, frustration, and determination of its people. You truly are a very talented author and a beautiful storyteller. Please keep the books coming and I’ll keep on reading them.
Thank you also for your ‘Masterclass’ which offers really great advice for aspiring authors. I only have one book that I wish to write (based on the life of my elderly friend) and, when I have the time to dedicate to it, your Masterclass will be most helpful. Best of luck with your next novel!


From: Scott Chamberlayne
Sent: Thursday 17 February, 2011

Congratulations on yet another fantastic piece of work. The characters you create are so rich and the historical foundations are so interesting, I simply can’t put your books down. Great job!

United States

From: Cody Carlson
Sent: Sunday 20 February, 2011

Mr. Follett, I just wanted to say thank you for the many hours of enjoyment that you have given me over the years. I just finished ‘Fall of Giants’ and enjoyed it. As a history professor, your books often give me new perspectives on the past and the people that lived through it. As an aspiring writer myself, you humble me with your skill. Thank you very much and I look forward to future volumes.

United States

From: Esther Sonneveld Laveau
Sent: Sunday 20 February, 2011

Dear Mr Follet, I wanted to write to you after I read ‘Pillars’ for the 7th time. Being that I am originally from the Netherlands and learned English by reading books such as (all) of yours – I wanted to thank you for not letting go of your ‘Pillars’ project. The book gave me an insight into the beauty of religion and how – despite the little tools and insight people had to life – they managed to survive based on their hopes, believes and faith. I believe I can say this for anyone from any religion, but I specifically wanted to thank you for making the effort to that took you so many years to write the best book I ever read. May your writing career continue to flourish as it as been, and may it help bring greater understanding of who we are in yet an entertaining and exciting way.

United Kingdom

From: Brigitte Minel
Sent: Wednesday 23 February, 2011

Your website is cute. I loved your Masterclass. I write psychology books but that will help me make them more interesting. I also have two novels never published, and you make me fell like working on them.


I look forward to your letters. Please write to me via the Contact page, and do see earlier letters

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