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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Tammy Ferguson
Sent: Friday 1 October, 2010

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ‘Fall of Giants’!!! Great work.

United States

From: Robbie
Sent: Saturday 2 October, 2010

I am a retired USAF pilot and have NEVER written a fan letter in my life. I have just finished ‘Fall of Giants’ and it is almost as good as ‘The Pillars of the Earth’. In fact I have read all of your books except ‘Modigliani Scandal’ and I may have read it but at 81 my memory is not what it was. Please stick to your schedule and have the next book out in NO LESS than the two years. You have more time than do I.

United States

From: Pam Marrocco
Sent: Sunday 3 October, 2010
Just started your latest… ‘Fall of Giants’ and I love it… lots of intrigue, the type of book you don’t want to put down. I should be doing housework or out in the yard but I’m enjoying your book too much to leave it. Thanks very much.

United States

From: Bud Pettigrew
Sent: Monday 4 October, 2010

Hello. I just finished your new book ‘Fall of Giants’. I did not think you could do better than the ‘middle ages’ novels. But the new book is outstanding. Being a history teacher, I like how you put local politics in the lives of your characters. You write well and bring the normal guy into context. I am looking forward to your new books. The 100th anniversary of WWI is coming up and I hear nothing about it. Yet it shaped the world we live in. Your new book is the first thing I have seen on WWI. I think I might go back and re read some of your older ones. Please take care. Thanks again.

United States

From: George Ball
Sent: Tuesday 5 October, 2010

I have just finished reading ‘Fall of the Giants’ and found it a thoroughly enjoy piece of literature. Having read all your books, I think you excelled yourself, and look forward to your second book in the trilogy. Having lived in England during my early life I fully appreciate the story you tell and the great division of classes which existed. Congratulations on writing this excellent book.

United States

From: Wanda Wells
Sent: Tuesday 5 October, 2010

Hi Ken: Love your new book – ‘Fall of Giants’. Currently reading it and don’t want to put it down. Keep up the great writing. There is nothing like picking up a great book and reading it — not on an electronic reader but actually holding the book and reading it. There is simply no substitute. I hope you are working on the next book because I’m looking forward to it.


From: Núria GalĂ­ Isus
Sent: Tuesday 5 October, 2010

Dear Mr Follett
I’m reading ‘Fall of Giants’ at this moment and it’s incredible! As always! I bought it last Saturday and I’m on page 222… I can’t stop reading it! I love it very much! Thanks again for your book!


From: Michael Jay
Sent: Tuesday 5 October, 2010

Three quarters of the way through ‘Fall of Giants’ – cannot put it down. EXCELLENT. I read all your works as they come out. Love your style of storytelling and I am not a fiction reader at all. Your work is the only fiction I buy. You blend history and the individual human condition into a truly enjoyable experience. Thank you. Hopefully I will be around for the completion of the Century series. I had to wait 20 years for the sequel to ‘Pillars of the Earth’. Was well worth the wait but I’m no spring chicken any more.

Again, thank you for your work. It truly is appreciated.
Best regards,


From: Fern Wright
Sent: Wednesday 6 October, 2010

‘Fall of Giants’ is both brilliant and mesmerizing! It’s going to be a very lo-o-o-ng time waiting for the second volume. Needless to say I enjoyed it immensely.

United States

From: Pascal
Sent: Wednesday 6 October, 2010

Dear Ken
I would like to thank you for many hours of wonderful entertainment that you give me with your great novels since I have discovered them nearly a decade ago. I finished ‘Fall of Giants’ this evening – it was absolutely incredible! Thank you again.
Kind regards,


From: Kyle Hutchinson
Sent: Wednesday 6 October, 2010

Mr. Follett
I have just read, and enjoyed your most recent novel, ‘Fall of Giants’. I think I would actually go so far as to say it is the best novel I’ve read this year (and I have read many). Thank you for the wonderful story, and I am looking forward to the next book in the trilogy!


From: John Daley
Sent: Saturday 9 October, 2010

Hello Ken
Just wanted to congratulate you on ‘Fall of Giants’. It is every bit as good as ‘Pillars’ and ‘World Without End’. Can’t wait for the next one!

United States

From: Beth Falcheck
Sent: Sunday 10 October, 2010

Mr. Follet – Just finished ‘Fall of Giants’ and can’t wait for the next one. When will that be? Loved the characters. Read all your books.

United States

From: Katie Budde
Sent: Tuesday 12 October, 2010

Mr. Follett
I just finished ‘Fall of Giants’ and absolutely loved it. I hated to put it down to work and sleep. Can’t wait for the next book in the series. I have enjoyed all of your books through the years and recommend you to everyone I meet in the bookstore. Again thanks for a great read.

United States

From: Lisa Poss
Sent: Tuesday 12 October, 2010

Just finished your latest ‘Fall of Giants’. Loved it so much. I have read all of your books. I particularly loved ‘Pillars of the Earth’ and ‘World Without End’. I read a lot of fiction. These two are definitely in my top ten. Now ‘Fall of the Giants’ is also. I loved every page, every character. You are an amazing author. Thank you for all you do!

United States

From: Terry Standing
Sent: Tuesday 12 October, 2010

I absolutely loved your latest, ‘Fall of Giants’. I wish that I didn’t have to wait until 2012 for the next in the series. Thank-you for many great reads.


From: Melissa Prue
Sent: Thursday 14 October, 2010

I thought nothing could be better than ‘Pillars of the Earth’ but the ‘Fall of Giants’ was superb! A job well done! Looking forward to Part 2! Maybe there will also be a mini series in the future!


From: Dan McCleann
Sent: Saturday 16 October, 2010

Ken, The last time I wrote, it was to say that the two best books I had ever read were ‘Pillars of the Earth’ and ‘World Without End’. Having just read your new novel, ‘Fall of Giants’, I can add that to the other two. It is extremely well done. Because of the intricacy of the story, I can easily relate to the amount of research that it required to do the book and achieve excellence. While I would like to have the next in the trilogy to start on now, I can understand why it is two years away.

I wish you the best and continued health so you can write more great books.

United States

From: Stephen Siggers
Sent: Tuesday 19 October, 2010

Your new book is terrific. I am half way through and it is difficult to put it down. Your account of the battle of the Somme made me cry. You are a brilliant author.

United Kingdom

From: Ken Shelton
Sent: Wednesday 20 October, 2010

Just finished ‘Fall of Giants’. Outstanding! The way you weave the five families together is masterful. ‘Pillars of the Earth’ used to be my all time favorite book. It has been supplanted by ‘Fall of Giants’.

United States

From: Nino Cefalu
Sent: Saturday 23 October, 2010

Dear Mr. Follett,
I’m in the middle of ‘Fall of Giants’. Absolutely superb. I could not wait to contact you before finishing this magnificent novel. I had previously read ‘Pillars’ and ‘World without End’ and thought both were your best work, however ‘Giants’ is amazing. You have the incredible ability to intertwine fictional stories around accurate history. I read a lot of history and what you do is amazing.

United States

From: Tom Pender
Sent: Monday 25 October, 2010

I just finished ‘Fall of Giants’. I read a lot and this is a candidate for my Top 10 Books Ever list. ‘Pillars of the Earth’ is on that list. I anxiously await the next volume of the trilogy.

United States

From: Nancy Yamout
Sent: Monday 25 October, 2010

Dear Mr. Follett
I’m still in the process of reading ‘Fall of Giants’, but I have to say that I’m really enjoying it. It has the same effect on me as ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ did years ago. I really don’t want to be a fast reader and miss all the pleasure in the book, but really can’t wait till I reach the end.
Thank you for giving us wonderful books.


I look forward to your letters. Please write to me via the Contact page, and do see earlier letters

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