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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Grace Brosnin
Sent: Tuesday 2 March, 2010

Hi, I’m Grace, I’m 14, and I love ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ and ‘World Without End’. My dad told me I should read them and I’m so glad I did. They are my favorite books. I think my English teacher thinks better of me because she saw me reading them, so thanks for that. You’re an amazing author!

United States

From: Mary Ann Prudner
Sent: Wednesday 3 March, 2010

Dear Mr. Follett, I just wanted to tell you how much I have loved your books, especially, ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ and ‘World Without End’. I didn’t want them to end! I just went to a library book sale and got 9 more of your books.
I can’t wait for your ‘Century’ series. Keep up the great writing!

Mary Ann
United States

From: HC
Sent: Wednesday 3 March, 2010

Dear Ken,
Have just discovered you as a writer, and what a writer! The first book I read, ‘Whiteout’ had me sitting on the edge of my seat – could not wait to finish it, but then at the end I felt I wanted more. Off to the library to take out all they had in stock!

Congratulations on your terrific research; you obviously take a great deal of time and care into getting your information. Each time I think I can draw my breath and settle back, you pull something else unexpected out of the hat. I can hardly read fast enough to keep up with you!

I have never written to an author before, but just had to write and tell you how very much I am enjoying your books. Keep up the great work.

Kind regards

From: Roxann Grissom
Sent: Thursday 4 March, 2010

Never in my half-century of scanning, reading, touching words on the page, have I been so euphoric and disheartened about finishing The Pillars and World. You have exposed or maybe even created a paradox in my life. No, I’m not alone in a crowd, I just don’t want to finish anything else I read. I, the bookstore owner, English teacher, lover of syllables, can’t stay focused on any other stories. I flip back to these two sagas time and again because I care about Aliena and Tom and Merthin and Caris. Thank you for creating them. But please write a third or direct me to someone who has written about the Middle Ages that might remedy my ailment.

United States

From: Angela Bradshaw
Sent: Friday 5 March, 2010

Thank you! My ex-husband introduced me to your work through your book ‘Lie down with Lions’, I think back in the 80’s or early 90’s. I was immediately hooked. My next reading was ‘Eye of the Needle’ and I haven’t stopped reading your books yet. I’m always intrigued when I see you’ve written another book. I can’t wait for the mini-series (read both books and LOVED them)
The trilogy is something I’m really looking forward to. Thank you, thank you, thank you, don’t stop writing ever!

United States

From: Carol Petersen
Sent: Saturday 6 March, 2010

I am so sad. I just finished ‘World Without End’. I have enjoyed both ‘Pillars of the Earth’ and ‘World Without End’ on CD, downloading onto my iPod. I have never looked for more opportunities to walk the dogs, do house work or gardening while tuned into your great story telling. Thank you so much.

United States

From: George Hill
Sent: Saturday 6 March, 2010

Dear Mr Follett:

The Friends of the Louisiana State University Libraries collects old books through donations. They then have an annual sale in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to raise funds to assist the LSU libraries. It is my custom to go to the sale, where I frequently find used books of interest to me. This year I spotted a used copy of the American edition of ‘Hornet Flight’, which I acquired for the splendid sum of US$1.

I have just finished reading it and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am a retired airline captain so I know a bit about aviation. Your description of 18-year-old Harald Olufsen having his first flying lesson was spot on and brought back memories of my first lesson when I was eighteen. Also, your description of flying in cloud on the primitive instrumentation of turn needle, ball, and airspeed indicator was exceedingly accurate. I know, because I have done that. Although De Havilland Hornet Moths are exceedingly rare in the United States, I have flown American aircraft of that vintage. Your descriptions are superb and true to life.

The magic of Google Earth made it possible for me to follow your characters around Denmark. In addition, Google Earth makes it possible to ‘fly’ across country so I was able to simulate the flight of your characters from Kirstenslot, Denmark to England.

Anyway, the book is a splendid read, and I thank you for your vivid imagination and the accuracy of your details.

George Hill
United States

From: Stephanie Gleave
Sent: Monday 8 March, 2010

Gotta tell ya… I’m so-o-o enjoying your books! you do one hell of a sex scene! I read your newer books first… ‘World Without End’ and ‘Pillars of the Earth’. While in the book store I looked up your other books but was put off by the covers. They looked dark, dry, heavy, boring!! But I bought a couple anyway… and I’m so glad I did! You can’t tell a book by its cover sure applies to your stuff! I am so enjoying your books. read ‘Nght over water’, ‘Lie Down with Lions’, ‘The Key to Rebecca’, ‘Eye of the Needle. I have ‘Jackdaws’, ‘Hornet Flight’ and ‘The Man from St Petersburg’ to bring on vacation next week. Yeah… I’m addicted!

United States

From: Megan Ashlock
Sent: Thursday 11 March, 2010

As I find myself in a position to spend the next five to six months writing a novel, I am more and more on your Masterclass page. I have been a fan of your writings for a decade and a half. I find that reading even a short passage of one of your novels re-inspires me as I work toward my goal of writing a literary fiction novel. Thank you for your stories and for sharing your process so that other writers such as I might benefit from your system. ‘Pillars of the Earth’ is my all-time favorite book. I look forward to each of your new books with anticipation.

United States

From: Terra Hansen
Sent: Thursday 11 March, 2010

I would simply like to send a quick note in thanking you for all of your work. I have loved reading all of your books. ‘Pillars of the Earth’ was handed to me when I was only 12 years old. The book really gave me a love for reading.

I bought the audio version of ‘World Without End’ while relocating 2,000 miles away from home when it was first released. Unfortunately I had to drive and could not sit and enjoy reading the book, however I was too anxious and had to have it. The book saw me through some of the worst winter driving. Thank you.

And now I have to confess how ‘cheesy’ I am. My daughter was born 10 weeks ago. The only name I felt comfortable with was Caris. If there was ever someone I would like her to be, it would be your character.

I have never done this but I felt compelled to at least send a quick message for giving me inspiration in so many ways (and hopefully my daughter too!)

United States

From: Jeff Rees
Sent: Sunday 14 March, 2010

Hi Ken, Just to say that I am probably one of your biggest fans. Over the years (I am 61) I have read all of your books, and enjoyed them all. I have particularly enjoyed ‘Pillars of the Earth’ (probably the best book I have ever read), closely followed by ‘World without End’. Keep up the good work.

United Kingdom

From: Shaun Wood
Sent: Monday 15 March, 2010

Ken you say in your Introduction to ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ that you were known as a thriller writer which implies that the book is not a thriller. WRONG. This book is every bit as thrilling as any of your other novels with its wealth of drama, intrigue, greed, violence and treachery. I was reluctant to buy the book. I thought what is Ken Follett doing writing a book about medieval cathedral building? I expected it to be a real yawn. What a pleasant surprise to discover early on in reading the book that it was a thriller of the highest calibre. I could scarcely put it down. Thank you for a magnificent read.

South Africa

From: Graciela Del Toro
Sent: Thursday 18 March, 2010

Thank you so much for the long hours of utter joy your work provides. Though I really appreciate a good use of words and grammar (I’m a “language-lover”), it’s the story itself what keeps me nailed to the book. And your stories are the best!(And so is your use of language, of course!)
And I must say that the pain in my wrists and the numbness of my hands after a couple of hours holding ‘Los Pilares de la Tierra’ and ‘Un Mundo sin Fin’ were worth suffering. I really loved those books. Thank you again!


From: Rick Garvia
Sent: Friday 19 March, 2010

‘Pillars’ was recommended by a friend, so I started it last summer, got too busy with other things to do it justice, and put it down. I started it again a few weeks ago and it’s been a complete joy. I look forward to parking myself in my leather chair with a cup of coffee and a quiet hour that I would have otherwise spent watching TV. It’s become my new habit.
I’ve also enjoyed ‘Code to Zero’, and I have two of your other books in my reading "queue."

United States

From: Rick Sommer
Sent: Sunday 28 March, 2010

Ken, I am looking forward with much anticipation to the release of the miniseries ‘Pillars of the Earth’ and only today heard about the upcoming release of the ‘Century’ series. It has now been put on my ‘must have list’. I have 11 of your books in my library and have enjoyed every one.


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