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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Marika Ujvari
Sent: Friday 1 August, 2008

Dear Mr. Follett,
I’m re-reading ‘Eye of the Needle’ the third time. But now I’m reading it with a critical eye, since I joined a writers group and started writing also. I am so amazed at the skill you build your story, the description of your characters and scenes. Reading this book has given me ideas on how to improve my own writing. Thank you!!!

United States

From: Nicole Patton
Sent: Tuesday 5 August, 2008

I have never been a strong reader and didn’t enjoy it until my father turned me on to your books. I’ve read several of your novels and can’t wait to read more. Thank you for opening me up to a whole new world.


From: Liz Rickards
Sent: Thursday 7 August, 2008

Just wanted to thank you for ‘The Pillars of the Earth’. A great read – educational – well done. It sent me online to discover more on various topics – 12th century history – women’s fashions – Magna Carta – law of the land (none?) etc. A great deal of research must have been done on your part. My only complaint, it was difficult to read in bed as the book is so big.


From: Charles Gervase
Sent: Friday 8 August, 2008

Dear Mr. Follett. I am Dean Emeritus of Education from an Eastern seaboard university. I want you to know that I have just finished ‘Pillars of the Earth’ and found it to be a most fascinating read. I truly could not stop. How I missed it for over 20 years is beyond me. I look forward to reading ‘World without End’ as soon as the paperback edition is printed. Thank you for such a pleasant experience.

United States

From: David McBean
Sent: Monday 11 August, 2008

I have read nearly all of your books and you are my favourite author. Well done and please keep writing.

United Kingdom

From: Rosemary Rowe
Sent: Tuesday 12 August, 2008

The first book of yours that I read was ‘Pillars of the Earth’ in March 2008. Since then I have read ‘World Without End’, ‘Eye of the Needle’, ‘The Hammer of Eden’, ‘A Dangerous Fortune’ and am currently reading ‘Code to Zero’. They were all excellent and I have enjoyed them so much.

United States

From: Sandra Browning
Sent: Tuesday 12 August, 2008

I just finished reading both ‘Pillars of the Earth’ and ‘World without End’ and had to let you know that I love them. I could picture in my mind the characters and the time in which they lived and had touble putting the books down. My husband said I was ignoring him. Thanks for such great reads. Bravo!


From: Mellanie
Sent: Wednesday 13 August, 2008

Dear Mr. Follett,
I’m a Dutch fan of yours, and I’ve read ‘The Pillars of the Earth’, and ‘World without End’. I found your books were truly amazing! It created an entire new world, which was an incredible joy to read. So I was a little bit disappointed when I finished reading… My question is almost like an appeal; would you please write a sequel!!! Or ten!

Thank you!

My best regards,

From: Linda & Mike Kaffel
Sent: Thursday 14 August, 2008

We just finished ‘World Without End’. Fabulous read. We wonder: what do we do now?

Linda & Mike

From: Alfred Lucena
Sent: Thursday 14 August, 2008

Hi Ken,
Am reading your WWE book and had given up on my afternoon power nap here in the office for a couple of days. Just can’t stop reading it. You inspire us with your story telling and please write some more. I’ve read all your books.


From: Ted Boyd
Sent: Saturday 16 August, 2008

Good morning Ken, I dusted off ‘A Place called Freedom’ and reread it recently… Your vivid descriptions of people’s hardships just trying to make their way through life made it so much easier for me to pay 4.35 a gallon for gas to put in my new SUV so I could take my chubby little grandchildren off to Sunday brunch this morning. My great grandparents came from Busby, Scotland and I can only their lives were a little easier than the McAsh’s. Thank you for the thought provoking and spellbinding read.

United States

From: Robin Zahumensky
Sent: Tuesday 19 August, 2008

I read your book ‘A Dangerous Fortune’ when it first came out. At the time I thought that is the best book I have ever read. Well, I just finished it for the 2nd time for book club, it still is the BEST book I have ever read.

United States

From: Liz Weiner
Sent: Tuesday 19 August, 2008

Dear Ken,
I finished ‘Pillars of the Earth’ in July. I was having separation anxiety from the book. I was in a bookstore last week and I saw you wrote another book about Knightsbridge. It made my summer. I am on page 150 and I love it!! Thank You!!

United States

From: Ian Wilson
Sent: Tuesday 26 August, 2008

I have just finished reading ‘Pillars’ & ‘World without End’. I must complain about the lack of sleep by late night reading & the ache caused by carrying such large tomes. Also I found that in the middle of a game of bowls I realised I was worrying if Caris was going escape from the accusation of being a witch. Thank you very much for two enthralling & well constructed epic tales.

United Kingdom

From: Abhay Rana
Sent: Wednesday 27 August, 2008

Dear Ken,
I am a big fan of yours. You are my favorite author. I recently got my hands on ‘Lie Down With Lions’ in my library (published 1987, before I was even born). And let me tell you, it has one of the best openings I’ve ever read. I still have to complete it. I also just read ‘Paper Money’. It has a brilliant plot, and is one of my favorite books,


From: Ann Randolph
Sent: Thursday 28 August, 2008

Please write a sequel to ‘A Place Called Freedom’. It was a wonderful story about how our freedoms came about. A wonderful book that I think should be required reading in schools. Can’t read enough of your wonderful writings.

United States

From: Martin Mori
Sent: Saturday 30 August, 2008

Dear Mr.Follet,
I am 20 years old and trust me I hardly read a book per year, but I read ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ and ‘World without End’, in like a month, I think they are brilliant, from the story line, to the characters, not to mention I was amazed by the cathedral. Well thank you for an amazing journey through the medieval age.


I look forward to your letters. Please write to me via the Contact page, and do see earlier letters

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