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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Dave Daley
Sent: Tuesday 5 September, 2006

‘Jackdaws’ was the first – thanks for that – could smell the coffee and feel the tension straight away. Have just finished ‘The Pillars of the Earth’. Stunning, looking forward to sequel. Now looking out for ‘Whiteout’.

United Kingdom

From: Edward Murray
Sent: Sunday 3 September, 2006

I just finished ‘Whiteout’. Great gripping story. It was great reading on my daily commute to and from work. I recently finished ‘Jackdaws’. As a Verizon worker here in New York it was very interesting reading a story describing an ‘MDF’ frame which I myself have worked on. Keep up the good work.

United States

From: Laura Pessina
Sent: Thursday 7 September, 2006

Hi Ken!!
The very first book of yours I read was ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ in 1999. Well, I’ve since read it six times (having to buy another copy of the same, since I broke the first one by keeping on reading it!).
It is the book I prefer as a present to the people I love, and also the very best book ever written by anyone!!! I look forward to reading the sequel!
You are definitively the best!!!


From: Shabbeer
Sent: Thursday 7 September, 2006

Ever since I read ‘Eye of the Needle’, I have read all your books. Eagerly waiting for the sequel. ‘Pillars’ is the best book I have read. Though some I have not enjoyed as much. I am searching for books by other authors that at least match 25% of your blend… still searching. Keep going.

United States

From: Elizabeth
Sent: Sunday 10 September, 2006

Dear Mr Follett,
I have recently read ‘Whiteout’ and I can say it is the best book I have ever had in my hands. I am Polish, but I read ‘Whiteout’ in English. I think originals are better. I am fascinated. I couldn’t stop reading. I am going to peruse more of your books. I like your attitude towards a creativeness, your style of writing and very interesting characters and plots as well. Thank you.

Best wishes,

From: Jane French
Sent: Tuesday 19 September, 2006

Dear Ken
I am a 27 year old Aussie girl and a big fan of all your work that I have read so far, and just want to say thank you, you have made my imagination jump heights, and my heart skip beats.


From: Dixie Eckhoff
Sent: Tuesday 26 September, 2006

I’ve intended to write to you for years about ‘Eye of the Needle’ to let you know how your story affected me. At the time I was living on a farm in Nebraska, reading your book. I read late one night until I could no longer keep my eyes open. The next morning, I got my young children off to school, then sat down with your book, leaving all other duties to wait. I could hardly turn the pages fast enough, and when I finished, I was exhausted, not to mention I had chewed ALL of my fingernails down to the quick – they were actually bleeding. It was then I vowed never again to chew my nails, and decades later, I still have not done so. Your ability to weave a thrilling story is incredible and you remain my favorite suspense author.

United States

I look forward to your letters. Please write to me via the Contact page, and do see earlier letters

If you’ve read several of my books, you might enjoy matching the first line with the title, or guessing the working title