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Gentle reader

Here you will find selected letters you have written (earlier ones over the years are here), and a quick quiz.

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You wrote…

I received these letters recently, and thought you would enjoy them as much as I did…

From: Virginia
Sent: Tuesday 2 May, 2006

Dear Ken,
Thank you for ‘Masterclass’. It gave this writer hope!

Regards, V
United States

From: O Patanjali Sastry
Sent: Thursday 4 May, 2006

I enjoyed the novel ‘A Place Called Freedom’ very much. You narrated every situation in the story very well. I wish some one would make a movie with this story as it is very good.

O Patanjali Sastry

From: Henrik Nylander
Sent: Tuesday 9 May, 2006

Hi, I’m writing you from Sweden where I have now read all the books I can find by you. Only a few of them have been translated to Swedish so you can imagine that my English has improved dramatically :-) Both me and my girlfriend really enjoy the way you balance romance and thrill. Very few authors manage to do that. The problem is that I’ve run out of books, do you know anyone that writes like you? And please… hurry up with the second book of the ‘Pillars’… ;-)

Dalarna, Sweden

From: Vinay Kumar TS
Sent: Thursday 11 May, 2006

Dear Ken,
I am one of the vivid readers of all your novels and have been reading each and every one immediately after they are released in India. I hope to keep seeing more of your novels getting released. Best of luck!!


From: Jeff Tomkinson
Sent: Thursday 25 May, 2006

Dear Ken,
Wow, after reading your book, ‘Hornet Flight’ I was left wanting more. The book was one of the best books I have read in a long time. I was sad when I finished the book and it was all over. Very good job!

United States

From: Tricia Alexander
Sent: Friday 26 May, 2006

Dear Mr. Follett,
I want to thank you so much for the hours of pleasure you have provided me. I am particularly impressed by your heroines, who, while bright and courageous, are nonetheless also vulnerable, sexy, and otherwise womanly. I have read eight of your books so far, and have given them as Christmas presents. Selfishly, I wish you a long and productive career!

Warm regards,
Tricia Alexander
United States

From: Edward Brown
Sent: Saturday 27 May, 2006

Mr. Follett,
I just finished reading ‘Whiteout’, it was excellent, I have read all of your books and recommend them to friends/family, looking forward to your sequel to ‘Pillars’. Thank you for the many fine hours of reading over the years.

United States

From: Tom Gill
Sent: Tuesday 30 May, 2006

Dear Mr. Follett,
Your books are engaging, enjoyable, and above all, well crafted. Thank you for including the ‘Masterclass’ section in your website. I found this to be very educational.

Your work has inspired me to create a WWII spy caper of my own. It turned out far better than I had hoped, for I found my style has been heavily influenced by yours. Nonetheless, the copy will never have greater clarity than the original. No matter how many published works I create, G will always be preceded by F in any bookshop!

Tom Gill
United States

I look forward to your letters. Please write to me via the Contact page, and do see earlier letters

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