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World Without End

Readers’ comments on World Without End

Bound copies of the uncorrected manuscript have been sent to several critics, book buyers and ten readers who had subscribed to my web site. This is what they have to say…

Hi Ken

Am presently half way through World Without End and I am absolutely loving it. It is a brilliant read and so engrossing, equal to Pillars of the Earth and I am expecting great sales from this title. I know it has been a huge project for you and it cannot have been easy trying to follow on from such a much loved novel as ‘Pillars’ was, but this is fantastic… I know I won’t want it to end.

New Zealand

Dear Ken, you kindly sent me the advanced manuscript of World Without End and I would like to thank you for the last couple of weeks which it has taken me to read it, it is a stunning sequel to ‘Pillars’, which is my absolute favourite book, and a terrific read, I held my breath all the way through and kept thinking ‘Wow’ what a classic novel this is going to be. Once again many many thanks for giving us all pleasure in reading your books. PS Cannot wait until the next one!!

Cathy Edwards
United Kingdom

I’d like to thank you so much for my reading copy of World Without End. I loved Pillars of the Earth, and was worried that the follow up might be disappointing, but happily I was totally wrong!!. It was brilliant!! I felt as though I’d just turned over a page and was transported back.

Lots of characters and plots, all weaving in and out of each other, never a dull moment. An epic novel, and it will be on the counter with a recommendation as soon as it arrives.

Thank you so much.
Yvonne Upton
United Kingdom

Hi Ken…

I’ve just devoured the first 200 pages of your delicious sequel to your absolute masterpiece, Pillars Of The Earth. World Without End is brilliant perfection!!! I was almost scared to read it as I was anticipating for the past 18 years and didn’t want to be disappointed with the sequel but, after reading only a few sentences, I knew you did it!!! You created the most exquisite sequel possible and thank you… I’ll be back with more comments once I’ve finished but, after all-l-l-l these years, I’m taking my sweet time with this gem… reading slowing… savoring each and ever word!!!

Gail Foster
United States

Well, Ken, you don’t have to worry about World Without End not living up to Pillars of the Earth. It was just as awesome a read as the first book.

I now have four all-time favorite books, with Pillars of the Earth and World Without End being two of them.

I will continue to push the mass market edition of ‘Pillars’ along with World Without End. I will make sure all of my retail customers have a good supply of both.

By the way, I have an account at DFW that has a display window. I am going to feature World Without End in it, along with the new trade edition of ‘Pillars’. I think they will create a wonderful display, and increase exposure and sales.

Thanks again for such a wonderful sequel. I have to say that I think you did the best job on a sequel I have ever read. As I told you a couple of weeks ago, I was reading ‘Pillars’ again to go right into World Without End, and it was basically a non-stop read. However, for those unfortunate people who haven’t read ‘Pillars’, they will be able to read and enjoy World Without End on its’ own.

Thanks so much and I hope you sell every copy and reprint multiple times.

Nick Ulmen
United States