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“It was never determined what had actually happened to the 200 tons of uranium,” but three countries know the truth. Three young men met decades ago and now world events have cast them as adversaries. Nat, Israel’s hero, known as ‘The Pirate’, stages a daring nuclear exploit. Breathing down his neck, the KGB’s Rostov and Egyptian intelligence’s Yassif. A furious race against time builds to an extraordinary climax on a doomed cargo boat.

Ken’s view

I was very worried about this book. It was my first after the success of Eye of the Needle and I was afraid I might not be able to do it again. It happens to quite a lot of writers. They write one terrific book, the next one doesn’t sell quite so well, the third is a flop and they never write a fourth.

So I worked very hard on Triple. It is based on a true story about the Israelis stealing uranium to make their own nuclear bomb. I was intrigued by how the Israeli’s had gone about this and I saw the potential for a very good action climax where a bunch of commandos take over a ship. The style was known as “faction,” meaning fiction very closely based on fact, and it was fashionable in the 1970’s.

I didn’t really know how the Israelis had gone about stealing the uranium, but I read everything that had been written about the incident and came up with an educated guess. After the book was published, I found out that the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, was asking people where I had got my information from so maybe I guessed right! Triple sold world-wide and got to number one on the American best-seller list.

But even then I didn’t feel secure. I thought that if I could do three best-sellers in a row, maybe I could be a writer.

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  • “One of the liveliest thrillers of the year… Follett is a master of crafty ploy and incredible detail… a sizzling narrative!” — Time Magazine
  • “Keeps us on tenterhooks right up to the end!” — John Barkham Reviews

Published as

Triple by Ken Follett, MacDonald, London, 1979.

Also published in other languages, and available as an audiobook and as an ebook.