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A dangerous world of courageous souls…

It is days before the Allied invasion of Normandy, and the all-woman operation “Jackdaws” is set to infiltrate Europe’s largest telephone exchange and sabotage German communications.

Felicity “Flick” Clariet, one of the few British female operatives working in France, heads the team, but her confidence has taken a beating: the previous operation that she directed was a disastrous failure, and her philandering husband has gone missing.

Flick’s nemesis, the ruthless and sadistic Nazi officer Dieter Franck, occasionally regrets the terrible things he does, but this doesn’t stop him from pressing on. Nor does our heroine regret executing traitors, all the while falling in love with American Paul Chancellor.

An exciting look at the dangerous world of courageous souls who confronted the Nazi monster in its lair, Follett’s latest (after Code to Zero) will not disappoint fans. For all collections.

Robert Conroy, Library Journal, 15 October 2001