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Fall of Giants

Thoroughly modern Follett

Ken Follett started out as a thriller writer, then made the transition to historical fiction.

His The Pillars of the Earth and its sequel, World Without End, both set in the Middle Ages, became mega best sellers. With his new Fall of Giants, which enters the list at No. 2, his highest debut ever, Follett moves on to the 20th century. It’s the first volume in his planned Century Triology.

“I wanted to write another story that would have the sweep and impact of World Without End, but I needed a break from the Middle Ages”, Follett tells USA TODAY.

“The 20th century is the most dramatic and violent era in human history, and it’s also recent enough for us to connect with: It’s the story of us and our parents and grandparents.”

(‘Pillars’, which reached No. 3 in the fall of 2007 and was an Oprah pick, lasted on the list for more than a year.)

USA Today, 8 October 2010