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Fall of Giants

Cast of characters


Dewar family Vyalov family
Senator Cameron Dewar Josef Vyalov, businessman
Ursula Dewar, his wife Lena Vyalov, his wife
Gus Dewar, their son Olga Vyalov, their daughter
Rosa Hellman, journalist Ilya, thug
Chuck Dixon, school friend of Gus’s Theo, thug
Marga, a nightclub singer Norman Niall, crooked accountant
Nick Forman, a thief Brian Hall, union leader
Real historical characters
Woodrow Wilson, 28th President William Jennings Bryan, Secretary of State
Josephus Daniels, Secretary of the Navy

English & Scottish

Fitzherbert family
Earl Fitzherbert, called Fitz The Duchess of Sussex, their rich aunt
Princess Elizaveta, called Bea, his wife Gelert, Pyrenean mountain dog
Lady Maud Fitzherbert, his sister Grout, Fitz’s butler
Lady Hermia, called Aunt Herm, their poor aunt Sanderson, Maud’s maid
Mildred Perkins, Ethel’s lodger Lord “Johnny” Remarc, junior War Office Minister
Bernie Leckwith, Independent Labour Party secretary Colonel Hervey, aide to Sir John French
Bing Westhampton, Fitz’s friend Lieutenant Murray, aide to Fitz
Marquis of Lowther, “Lowthie”, rejected suitor of Maud Mannie Litov, factory owner
Albert Solman, Fitz’s man of business Jock Reid, Independent Labour Party treasurer
Dr Greenward, volunteer at the baby clinic Jayne McCulley, soldier’s wife
Real historical characters
King George V Queen Mary
Mansfield Smith-Cumming, called “C” Sir Edward Grey, MP, Foreign Secretary
Sir William Tyrrell, private secretary to Grey Frances Stevenson, mistress of Lloyd George
Winston Churchill, MP H.H. Asquith, MP, Prime Minister
Sir John French


Colonel Dupuys, aide to General Galliéni General Lourceau, aide to General Joffre
Gini, a bar girl
Real historical characters
General Joffre, commander-in-chief of French forces General Galliéni, commander of the Paris garrison

German & Austrian

Von Ulrich family
Otto von Ulrich, diplomat Susanne von Ulrich, his wife
Walter von Ulrich, their son, military attaché Greta von Ulrich, their daughter
Graf (Count) Robert von Ulrich, Walter’s second cousin
Gottfried von Kessel, cultural attaché Monika von der Helbard, Greta’s best friend
Real historical characters
Prince Karl Lichnowsky, German Ambassador to London Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg
General of Infantry Erich Ludendorff Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg, Chancellor
Arthur Zimmermann, Foreign Minister


Peshkov family
Grigori Peshkov, metalworker Lev Peshkov, horse wrangler
Putilov Machine Works
Konstantin, lathe operator, discussion group chairman Isaak, captain of the football team
Varya, female labourer, Konstantin’s mother Serge Kanin, supervisor of the casting section
Count Maklakov, Director
Mikhail Pinsky, police officer Ilya Kozlov, his sidekick
Nina, maid to Princess Bea Prince Andrei, Bea’s brother
Katerina, a peasant girl new to the city Mishka, bar owner
Trofim, a gangster Fyodor, corrupt cop
Spirya, passenger on the Angel Gabriel Yakov, passenger on the Angel Gabriel
Anton, a clerk at the Russian embassy in London David, a Jewish soldier
Sgt Gavrik Lt Tomchak
Real historical characters
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, leader of the Bolshevik Party Leon Trotsky


Williams family
David Williams, union organiser Cara Williams, his wife
Ethel Williams, their daughter Billy Williams, their son
Gramper, Mam’s father
Griffiths family Ponti family
Len Griffiths, atheist and Marxist Mrs Minnie Ponti
Mrs Griffiths Giuseppe “Joey” Ponti
Tommy Griffiths, Len‘s son, Billy Williams‘s best friend Giovanni “Johnny” Ponti, his younger brother
David Crampton, “Dai Crybaby” Harry “Suet” Hewitt
John Jones the Shop Dai Chops, the butcher’s son
Pat Pope, Main Level onsetter Micky Pope, Pat’s son
Dai Ponies, horse wrangler Bert Morgan
Mine management
Perceval Jones, Chairman of Celtic Minerals Maldwyn Morgan, colliery manager
Rhys Price, colliery manager’s deputy Arthur “Spotty” Llewellyn, colliery clerk
Staff at Ty Gwyn
Peel, butler Mrs Jevons, housekeeper
Morrison, footman
Dai Muck, sanitary worker Mrs Dai Ponies
Mrs Roley Hughes Mrs Hywel Jones
Private George Barrow, B Company Private Robin Mortimer, cashiered officer, B Company
Private Owen Bevin, B Company Sergeant Elijah “Prophet” Jones, B Company
Second Lieutenant James Carlton-Smith, B Company Captain Gwyn Evans, A Company
Second Lieutenant Roland Morgan, A Company
Real historical characters
David Lloyd George, Liberal Member of Parliament

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